Not a fan...

No no and simply no... Tried it for 20 minutes and hated it after around 5 minutes, but I gave it one chance and it really SUCKS! It´s comlicated from the beginning and NOT for the person who just likes to get into a game without much info. THe first 15 minutes IS ALL INFO! They had a good Idea with this game but it failed so hard.... So so so hard..... Not ever again will this have a place on my computer! Im throwing this game out in the garbage!
// Miss WeWe

Left 4 dead 3

Yeah we are still waiting for left 4 dead 3 but it is nowhere to be seen.
Have played the first and the second for ages now and I guess we wont be seing the third for some time either and it bugs me.
But alot of people apperantly think it would be cool to have zombie kids running around in the game trying to kill you?
For me I dont think that would be so fun killing little kids but sure it would be more real in some way that all ages and sizes would become zombies not only the skinny normal teen people already in the game.
What are your thoughts?
But hopefully we wont be forced to wait so long but they have already many games in the making to be done so those have to be done first.
But give the fans what they want!
To sum it all up:

// Miss WeWe


I want this game for my Nintendo DS!
But of course it is not out in europe yet...  DRATS!
Harvest moon Twin Villages

Dont you just want it too? :D

.Blazblue:Continuum shift.

What can I say.... IM totally going to buy this when I get my cash!

.Gamers alphabet.

. HAHA ! .

You who like zelda will find this song awesome! =3

.game im gonna play.



I found this game ok actually, but I got rather bored reading every text that had nothing really to do with anything but if you are into RPG games I recommend it.
You can download a trail game for about an hour here----> GAME
I didnt re-direct you mainly to the game but to the site where you can find it.
You can also download other trail games at the same place so =)

.New game.

Hello all!
Started a new game today becouse of boredom:
Also called TLBB.
It´s free to play and well... It is ok actually. I still like games like aika more but this game isnt all that bad but i dont  like that it is more confusing that you can understand it. Plus there isnt much quests to take before lvl 20 so from praticly lvl 11 you are on you own.
Well if ya still wanna check it out here is a link.

. What game now? .

Sitting here thinking about what game to play,
I have been working nights so my days has turned into nights ;D
And becouse people sleep during this time I just have to find something to do.


Bloons tower defence 3!
I love and hate his game at the same time becouse I cant stop once I have started! XD
Do you have a game you are addicted to?

.How can she?.

You people always (for some reason) think I download illegal when I always mention new games all the time.
(Some e-mails that I read are hilarious.)
No, what I usually play is try out games that you later have to pay for (that I never do >=3 ) and it is easy to download. 1 hour try out then you need to buy it (download it).
Google for this!!!!
Can you read the text on the logo? GOOD! Then type ".com" after it and you are done.
Have fun!


Im so tired today but I have fixed some paper work and now im playing facebook games :P
I dont know why but they are kinda amusing arent they? haha
This game is gourmet Ranch, fun to pass time with haha.

.gaming thru the night.

Well im gonna continue playing a couple hours more I got odin.
I choosed not to use the same as them I Had Hope (the freaking idiot) as a medic the whole time and lightning as a ravanger the whole time and then I just pushed forward. If you are lucky as me odin will only try to kill Hope (to bad he failed) and you can attack him without problems.
Well anyways im gonna continue with this and we´ll see where it goes =)

.FREAKING #&%$!!!.

Yeah i know call me a cheater if you wanna!
But it was a time ago i beat this sucker and it took me freaking three hours and I dont have the energy to do it right now.
Here you go all you who feel the same.
How to beat odin in Final Fantasy XIII

.continuing from yesterday!.

Busy busy busy!
Gotta continue playing, I promise as soon as im meeting the ediolon ODIN im going to be pissed off.
Last time it took me three hours of trying haha :P
(thats why it sucks to re-play the game becouse I finally got him)

.doing right now.

(pictures explains better somtimes than text do and not everybody wants to read it. SO suck it :P

. zelda timeline.

I dont know if you all know what the game are and if you dont...
Get the fuck out of my sight and away from my blog...
The reason Im bringin this up becouse I saw a show with the angry nintendo game nerd yesterday (and oh yes he is awesome) and I understand his confusion with the zelda timeline..
Are they going backwards or... well going where ever they fucking please!
But I found two diffrent timelines made by zelda fans on google and im gonna put them up.
Do you find them accurate?
Anyways... It is confusing as hell...

.connected the xbox.

Today I connected the xbox 360 and fixed some stuff to it as putting back my and my friend R´s profiles.
And put back some courses on some games we play.
THE BAD THING is that all my saves is gone.
If i wanna transfer them i need to buy a certain thing to my xbox to transfer them and they arent cheap so.
Im replaying all mah roleplaying games -_-.
Most annying ones for me will be:
Enchanted arms ( I was almost done )
Eternal sonata ( found everything in the game and were at the last boss)
Final fantasy XII ( Had just gotten Odin, that took me 2 hours. )

Hope you all have a good day!


What is for you a typical "girl game"?

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