Goldylocks & Miss WeWe´s " What we want for christmas" list!

Well we wanted to share with you people what WE want for christmas, of course we want diffrent stuff, goldylocks being an mum and all. But let´s start with her list!

Goldylocks list for christmas:
1, Deep fryer
2, New sofa dammit!
3, A new wardrobe
4, A hulahoop
5, A house (not a aparment!!!)
6, Left 4 dead 3
7, A car
8, A drivers license
9, Wine
10, Xbox ! (I only got a freaking playstation!)

Miss WeWe´s list for christmas:
1, Left 4 dead 3 (MAKE ONE DAMMIT!)
2, Bentobox (well it´s adorable)
3, A new wardobe
4, Kinect (my boyfriend thinks this is not worth money.... I shall buy it and punch him in the face) 
5, That EA games STOPS making sims games.... STOP IT!
6, Make more family guy episodes!!
7, I want MORE anime´s with a good storyline in it... Now many new one´s has it...
8, A car
9, A chaufour
10, Wine lotes of wine

And thats our list! Now if you guys could choose what would you have? Well now I have to go brush my teeth I have a meeting with my dentist that is going to pull out one of my wisdomteeth. And Goldy is trying hard to make her baby sleep, not going too well becouse he doesnt want to.
Well bye bye!

Not a fan...

No no and simply no... Tried it for 20 minutes and hated it after around 5 minutes, but I gave it one chance and it really SUCKS! It´s comlicated from the beginning and NOT for the person who just likes to get into a game without much info. THe first 15 minutes IS ALL INFO! They had a good Idea with this game but it failed so hard.... So so so hard..... Not ever again will this have a place on my computer! Im throwing this game out in the garbage!
// Miss WeWe

.Writing a list.

Sitting here and writing the list of what me and my boyfriend is going to buy for our aparment...
Geez do we people really need so much stuff?
(Not that I complain!)
ok maby I am, but hey....
Name 10 things in your place you bought that you felt that you could not live without and sooner realized that you never used it... Yeah... You are coming up with more than 10 stuff huh?
Well when my game is done im going to play some sims medival.
Maby I write something later maby I dont.
// Miss WeWe

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