.new music.

As you hopefully have noticed I switched music on the "mp3" player....
I was so annoyed everytime the old songs started playing!
Well I hope you like the new ones, soon im off to work again and then I post later!


.Holographic Hatsune Miku going on stage.

Well this is amazing isnt it?
It looks like she is on stage and the fans are going WILD about it!
You guys know who it is right?
You dont?
It is Hatsune Miku for crying out loud.
Google it darnit :P
Well watch the video and be amazed, (if this looked this awesome how about a concert with the characters fron K-on! ? Just a thought =3)

.disturbing my neighbours with this mohahah!.


This groups name is BIG BANG and they are hooooot!
Wanna hear their music go to youtube and search for their groupname.
or here:

. like this kpop .

.fav song for the moment.

.the video that made me love the glee show.

This show really made me love it. This mix was really good!


This is what im pumping in my speakers right now:
Here you have the list of songs thats on it.

.listening to right now.

Im totally gonna listen to this song until i get bored with it haha.

.awesome mix.


This is a awesome song i heard at the party I was at yesterday!
Do listen!

.favorite song of the day.

.my favorite song of the day.

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