Remebered when i whined about my hallway and that it looked crappy?
Well today the painter is here to take care of it ^_^
Who is happy?
Well im gonna take a picture of how the look is afterwards!
Cant wait to see the finished result! ^^

.nyaaa tired.

Im tired but i recently woke up -_-
awesome huh?
Well im gonna go back to watching ghost whisperer again...
Nothing much more to do..

.Good ones and the bad ones.

Well i was looking around for hair styles this morning, and yes i mainly look at the japanese fashion just becouse they dare to do more than we here in europe can mostly.
OMG if we even dared to look a little diffrent... That is why I mostly like their culture, thay dare too look a little more diffrent than us and actually dare to show what their ideal look is like.
even how weird it does look!
here is one hair fashion i thought looked aweseome!!!
The red is very well made and the haircut is styled good!
High points for this look!
Here is another look. Not something i would actually do but i give it high points for daring to show an artistic look of it. Could any one of you actually hold this look up and make it look good?
I know I couldnt!
Well im off to watch some ghost whisperer.
I´ll post later!!

.in the middle of the night.

im sitting up talking to D, playing on facebook and looking at hairstyles.

These two were kind of cool...

This short one is a little punky but cute in the same way =D

I think this is the most regular hairdesign over there, lots of hairextensions and stuff..
(just that the girl on the piccu looks scray with her eyes!)

.HAHA funny pic!.

Yes indeed and thx to a friend there is now a piccu that is called:

Mr wewe

Dont i look hot in a moustashe?

.cute or not?.

What do you think?
I like the sweatpants but not... yeah.. XD


haha found these on a site !
arent they cute? I totally want em!!

.off to evening class soon.

Hi all !
I have just gotten dressed, i choosed to put on a regular t-shirt and some jeans.
I realized that i had some unwanted guests on my face so i decided to go to war against them.
There was many facalties but finally.. I won.. Right now they are in hiding mode but i guess they will show themselves very soon!

No but seriously i put on some makeup... For ya idiots who dont get it XD.
I cant understand why people seriously want to spend a long time in front of the mirror?
I put on my makeup in less than 10 minutes and i dont even do that everyday becouse im too freakin lazy...

Well all.. Have a awesome evening!

I´ll be back later!

.Cute hair designs!.

Sometimes you can find really cute hair designs!

When I have let mine hair grow a bit longer I already know what kind of design i want on my hair!
It is going to be absolutely awesome!! =D


.Game im waiting for.

Found this game that hasnt come out yet but i want it so much!
(So far i know the game is for xbox 360)

(Pictures and info is taken from teambox.com)

"Penned by legendary comic book artist Joe Madureira (X-Men, Battle Chasers, The Ultimates), Darksider is set in a Post-Apocalyptic demon-ravaged world where evil forces have prematurely brought about the end of the time. Originally sent to oversee the destruction of Earth, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have been betrayed by their master, stripped of their powers and cast down to Earth. Players take on the role of WAR -- the first of the Four Horsemen -- as he embarks on a brutal quest of vengeance and revenge against the forces that betrayed him with the help of his phantom steed RUIN. The first title from new THQ studio Vigil Games, Darksiders: Wrath of War features open-world exploration, a deep combat system and a huge arsenal of modern and mythical weapons."

(Press the piccus to get them larger)

I want to play this game mainly becouse it is absolutely beutiful! The grafics is well made and it seems intressting.
Bad is there can only be one player but i can give more info and such when i have the game in my hands MOHAHA! =D


.I want this!.

Do you guys see who this is? =D

Sadly enough i couldnt find a bigger piccu but I can hint u with that it is from the anime Bleach ;)

Anyone figured it out?


I found this other cute clothing page what do ya think? :D

I totally love how they put up the looks something i would totally wear!


Found this today and i think the look by the right is really cute!!

Dont you agree?

.Hello all!.

Telling you that right now im making some categories for ya so if you find something cute or there is just some stuff on my blog you find intressting you will have it there.
But it will take some time HAHA!


.Chatting the days away.

Hello all,
Sorry I know I have been a bad girl and havent posted that much.
But i have been stuck to my messenger lately haha.

Why you might wonder?

~I will never tell~

haha no but i have been talking to friends about lots of stuff so just havent had the time.
Not like im even getting paid for it so.


Well cuties I post more later!



Found the cutest thing ever!!!

You like?

Well I want it!!


.Irritated out of my mind!.

School hasnt even started yet and already there is problems...
The admin in the school had put me and my best friend in the wrong subjects and she went
away on holiday! AWESOME WORK DICKWAD!
Then we thought we will call our english teacher and ask him about the class today but of course... He isnt answering...

And as if that wasnt enough....

I told you I was gonna choose some wallpaper today right?
Becouse she told me the wrong freaking time!
She told me to come at 15 PM... They close at 15 PM...

Well Now im gonna go there tomorrow and i looked up their office hours.


.new piccus of a bored me.

Hi all! Sometimes i kinda hate my cam becouse it cant take as sharp photos as i wanna, well but at least you see something right?
Here they are:

I made a "ballerina ball" hair setting. Only problem is that the hair gets so freaking curly after that.

And this is how amused I am with nothing to watch/play or do. Plus the pain in my tooth just gets bigger and that pretty much sucks.

Ah well.

Have a sheep evenning you too! Im gonna continue to rewatch D.Grayman.
(yeah that is a anime show for you who dont know what the hell im talking about in this blog.)

.Funny comic for you all! haha.

(All I can say is: HAHAHAHAHA! XD FUNNY!)

.putting on makeup!.

Sounds weird right?
But today I wanted to just do something new. I show you later =)

I wonder what I will choose ;)

.going away for a while.

Well im off to my grandmas place again !
She made some ribbs and i can never say no to that.
Just to see if I can eat it is all haha.

Well see ya later cuti pies!

(Cute monkey eh?)

.slept in late today.

Im a little tired but that isnt something a shower cant help with =D

Found this adoreble piccu! So im posting it until I have taken my shower so you have something cute to look at!



Yeah and of course my tooth crashed on me last night...
You can imagine the pleasant night I have had.

Well it doesnt matter really it can at least be fixed =D

Oh and I will post the anime of the week too.
And here it is!


Senou Natsuru is your normal, everyday high school student. He´s been chosen to be a Kämpfer (German for "fighters"), whose objective consists of fighting other Kämpfer with either guns, swords or magic. However, there´s a couple of catches; you can´t chose if you´re a Kämpfer or not, and you must have the body of a girl in order to use your powers.

Status: Currently Airing

(info taken from phoanime.com)


Im so freaking happy right now!
Some people came from the place i rent my aparpment from to check up on my ceiling.
Im not joking it is hanging itsy bitsy peices from it -_- or rather BIG peices.
It started with i called for a long time to the office and told them about it when it started to crack. First they said they were gonna contact me and then they said I WAS GONNA PAY FOR IT! Hell no.
So I asked my cutie pie to call and he got them to come this morning.

You guys should have seen their faces XD HAHA
Thanks to the idiots I get a complete renovation of my hallway so this monday im going up to choose some new wallpaper. I joked with cutie pie and said i was gonna choose hello kitty wall paper.
He said if i did he was never coming here again.
...Men.... They cant even take a little joke sometime haha. :P

(question is.. what to choose?)


.A new day and i want pain killers.

Hello all!
How are you guys?
Im kinda tired myself of all the gaming last night -_- me and 4 friends played left for dead 2 and the game Lips (a singing game).

Belive it or not but we were three girls and one dude =D
Yeah we girls can enjoy killig games too, we just have to find the right one, or rather one that suits our temper haha.
My best friend R, she called me today and told me that she bought these games:

(Resident evil has always been one of those games that almost made you piss yourself out of fright but... well sadly resident evil has become more and more of an action game. It isnt even scary anymore.. If i wanted to make it scary... wait... If i wanted to be scared of resident evil I play the first game of the series!)

And this game:

(Well my bff isnt that used to this series and she decided to try out the latest... This game is sickenly scary! She wont last even 5 seconds without making her boyfriend play rest of it haha! "sorry hun but i would totally do the same", but these are one of those games you should buy if you want to get scared out of your mind. It is on the other hand psycological so NOT EVERYONE should play it! Remember that... some games can actually make people weird but it is up to those who buy it that cant understand what they really shouldnt play.)

Well maby I post some later =)


.the game i played until late.

Hello all i just wanted to recommend a good game and it is not for the weak ones!

This game:

Well for you who dont know the game it is about killing zombies and if you havent playded the game at all before i recommend you play the first game before you start the second one.
Talk about getting out all your frustrations!
I always use the machine gun becouse my aim isnt that good yet with my xbox 360 controller so i want a weapon that shoots fast.

But sometimes the games can get a little irritating like when you are going up the stairs and you have like 20 zombies behind u and i miss it with 1 millimeter and i end up next to the stairs and a freaking wall. Yeat it is SO fun trying to get them all killed when a lovingly boomer just comes up O_O

Well I recommend at least you try it and play it in a well lit room if you are easly frightned.
But it is more fun playing when it is dark hehe.

.Hooked again haha.

Well i just got back from my grandma and i got a choclate bar from her, thankies!

It is delish!

Well i have played pokemon like... all day... im kinda disapointed at myself for being such a geek sometimes but well well.. That is me! =3

Recently I was able to go underground it kinda looks like this:
(took the piccu from google)

Well bye bye!

Im off to play it AGAIN!


.when i was younger.

I remeber when i was a little kid I LOVED pokemon... Well mostly becouse it was small little cute monsters haha.
When the first movie came out i was extatic!
I was happy to know a person at the movie theatre so I could go for free.
I even had this poster from the movie theatre up on my wall:

Well this one is from a dvd cover but the poster looks exacly the same.
I also rmeber that Mewtwo was my favorite back then haha.

Well times sure flies but pokemon is still here (for some reason), but I like to play it from time to time just to think back how fun it was ^^.


.yuck im tired.

IM tired and I have to wait for food XD

Well that is the least i can do when my grandma is the one making it. Just that... all the food I had home yesterday (and it wasnt that much) I ate it all.
Well I still have my soda and some games to fill up the time.

In the mean time here is a sickenly cute piccu I found on google!



Hiya everyone!

What are you doin?

Im just eating this:

and im taking it easy.
Perhaps I will play some pokemon to have something to do.

What are you guys gonna do tonight?


.another day right?.

Hi all what are you guys doin today?

Well im gonna jump in a shower now and then im gonna go over to my grandmas place.

haha im such a geek so i have started to play pokemon again.
But not any old pokemon it is pokemon diamond (like it would make any diffrance?)
here is a piccu:

IM playing it on a Nintendo simulator on my computer.


Back again!

Hi all!!

Finally im back home and it feels good to be back =)

How was your new year evening? I hope it was awesome!

Well now im gonna take my place in the sofa and watch some tv!

HUGS to all my kitty cats out there!

Miss wewe says:
I hope you had a wonderful year but now is the time to start over!
So every girl should stop acting that the mark "tramp/hoe" is something cool
(You are being laughed at behind your back you stupid idiot...kids these days)
every boy should stop acting like they think that it is cool to have their pants down at their ankels.
(Dont you have enough money to buy normal pants?)

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