Hello everyone!
What are you all doin? Im listening to some music and fixing the last until my cutie comes here.
IM thinking of heading into the shower right now. I was thinking of putting up a review of my own about some anime shows I have been watching.

Well for now take care!

XOXO Mickis!

.awesome song remix.

.Cleaning day has arrived!.

Hello to you all,
today im going to begin the big adventure that is called "cleaning of my aparment".
It is a big dangerous task, but someone had to do it! And i stepped up to the task to be the big hero.
Well anyways im gonna try to make it nice here so i can feel refreshed when i go to bed and know when i hed for school tomorrow i know my home is sparkling.

Anyways im going to start to clean now but i post again tomorrow probably after school.

XOXO Mickis!

.Another post today.

Hello everyone,
I recently got home and i think my little pet måns is happy about it, he is so cuddly when i have been away so i try to enjoy it until he starts to ignore me again XD, haha I have such a nice cat.
Well me and my bff saw the movie "confessions" and it was awesome! We laughed pretty hard! The only thing that sucked was the ending... It was like - " omg we only have 5 minutes left of the tape lets rap this up, you confess about everything, he regrets what he did, you do it to and then love eachother, END!"
XD Why? We wanted to see more dammit!
Well also got a nice phonecall yesterday night, we got into another class so now i attend 5 classes each week. Both mornings and evenings, so i dont have time to do anything really. I looked at the schedual and it seems we have at least a test each week or something! O.O
Well anyways, now i attend these classes:
Swedish A, English A, Math A, Computerclass and Photoshop class. I just ordered my books and... It was not cheap...
Well i guess i have to eat pasta again this month XD OMG my stocmach cannot be more ruined than it already is becouse of these eating habits...
Well now im gonna play a set of Mahjong and then go to sleep.

XOXO Mickis!


Today me and my bff watched animal planet (we usually do when we hang out becouse it is intressting), but i cant really understand how people can mistreat their animals!! Like beat it with a baseballbat and move and leave it behind and ect. It really brings tears to my eyes.

Absolutely animal babies are cute as hell, but every baby have to grow up, that is nature.
So why do some people just buy them becouse they want the babies? When they start to grow they either throw them out on the street or neglect them at all.
Common! How would you feel if anyone did that to you? Omg you have started to grown now i am gonna throw you out on the street to starv and die. IF you cannot take care of your pet, dont get one or leave it at a animalshelter, dont get more of them! You wont get money for every pet you own! If you mistreat a animal you will end up in jail and paying a large sum of money becouse of what you do, so go to a shelter and sign in the pet for a new home instead and you dont have to take care of it anymore.

This kind of things pisses me off.


XOXO Mickis!


Me and my bff has been having a sleep over at her place becouse her boyfriend is out of town until sunday so we are taking the time to hang out and just be lazy ^^
Last night we rented the movie "bride war" and excuse me but... It sucked... We had so high expectations of the movie and we laughed only twice... And i can barly say that it was even a laugh... Well well, cant do anything about it but we said that if we knew this beforehand we wouldnt have rented it. I think it is so sad that when you hear great stuff about a movie and then watch it to see that it was completly awful! But perhaps there is someone that liked it.
At the moment we are watching "the simpsons" on the tv and soon im gonna jump in the shower and then we are going to rent the movie "confessions", hopefully thats a good movie and we will get a good laugh before we head for bed.
And on monday my babe will come back, feels like I havent seen him in like forever but i guess it just feels like it when you have been apart for a while, but cant help it becouse we live so far apart from eachother.

I hope you have a goodnight, i will post a pic of the two movies.

And i couldnt find a piccu of the other movie anywhere but well well... :P

Take care!

XOXO Mickis!

A new day and another challange.

First off i just wanna say....



Well today i was at class and omg... some people are so fucking inconsidorate, for me i dont have a book so i try to do my best to catch up and follow the class, but then some of the poeple in my class have books but they dont like really care at all! WHY DID YOU SIGN UP FOR THIS CLASS?
You take away a place for someone else that might have needed it or wanted it more badly and you just sit arounf doing nothing at all and dont even listen to the teacher! We are not in middle school!
Plus who goes to school just to have something to do? Well get a job perhaps? We others go to school to get a education not to have something to do during the days XD DAMN it pisses me off!

well take care all!

XOXO Mickis!

Foki´s tävling

Well i entered a contest that another blogger has made :) Her name is Foki and the link to her blog you can get here:


The fun part of this contest is that you can won something from gadgetgirl.se, and we got to choose anything we wanted :)
I choosed a computer with hello kitty on it becouse of my reason and those are:
1, It is hello kitty and love that trademark XD
2, If i win i can finally get a computer and stop using my friends computers all the time and use it for my schoolwork.
3, I have been wanting this one for ages it seem.

This is the one (and you have probably seen it in one of my post before but still:

Sure i guess other will choose the same or choose severalproducts, but i dont really care, i want the computer and can only hope to get chosen :). Sure i have never ever one once in my life but still miracels can happen i have heard XD, Still would really be nice to get something i really need! But i wish everyone the best of luck and may the person foki chooses be the person who earns it the most!

Well before i stop posting i say that if you want to have a check on japanese styles and kawaii stuff i think you can actually find it at foki´s site, i read her blog everyday and she posts pretty often during the day so she will keep you well posted about diffrent things.

Well everyone have fun and hope this rain will subside!

XOXO MIckis!

Ok i found some weird stuff today on the net about hello kitty things XD

Well as the headline said, i really found some weird stuff! So i post the piccu and then explain what i think about it.

I feel sorry for this cat! O.O Sure hello kitty things are cute but... seriusly? LEAVE YOUR PETS ALONE XD

I never knew they even made guns O.O WHAT THE HELL!!! Is this suposed to make the shooting more cute?

And this... Yes is a hello kitty tazer -_-..... Well i will stop with the piccus now... I dont know what i should feel anymore XD

XOXO Mickis!

No strength today XD

Well i am supposed to get to the store and buy some groceries but i have a lot to do here at home.
Im gonna ask my aunt and her husband to drive me tomorow to get this done. Plus ask my roomate
about my cash for the bills... They have to get paid XD

Well i guess i update more later!!

XOXO Mickis!

.haha funny.

I found this comic today and i laughed like hell!

If you cant see what they are saying it says:
"horror movie in the year of 2020"

"Hurry up frankie send a text messege!"

"Arrrrrrrgh he´s got a really old phone! It´s a Nokia 6300!"

"I cant stand look at a such outdated model! It´s horrible! Horrible!"

What has the world  turn to if suddenly our world has become like this that we even textmessege in horror movies instead of calling someone XD.

XOXO Mickis!

R.I.P mum.

rest in peace i bet you have it better where you are now than you had when you were alive.

XOXO mickis

Sorry a list in swedish... So.. sucks to be you haha.

1. Hur gammal är du om 5 år? 27
2. Vem var den sista du träffade? Cattis, hennes karl och deras lilla bebis.
3. Hur lång är du? 173cm
4. Vilken var den senaste film du sett? Öhm... tror det var ngn sunkig "du vet vad som kommer hända i hela filmen" romans komedi.
5. Vem ringde du senast? Min babe.
6. Hur löd ditt senaste sms och till vem? "Ring mig" Och det var till min babe.
7. Vad är dagens planer? ta det lungt.
8. Föredrar du att ringa eller skicka sms? Bådeoch beror helt på situationen.
9. Är din föräldrar gifta, sambos eller skilda? skilda och döda
10. När såg du senast din mamma? Minns inte var så länge sen.
11. Vilken ögonfärg har du? blå
12. När vaknade du idag? Ehm svårt o säga har vaknat till o från hela natten
13. Har du någongång hittat en katt? hehe ne
14. Vilken är din favoritplats? Mitt hem.
15. Vilken plats föredrar du minst? Nånstanns jag inte trivs haha.
16. Vad tror du att du befinner dej om 10 år? Svårt att säga, förhoppningsvis där jag vill vara :P
17. Vad skrämde dej som barn? haha jag vet inte :P
18. Vem fick dej att skratta senast? Babe.
19. Är du för ung för att äga vinylskivor? ne det är nog ingen
20. Har du stationär eller bärbar dator? stationär
21. Sover du med eller utan kläder på dig? Är det varmt sover man banne mig naken :)
22. Hur många kuddar har du i sängen? 5..
23. Hur många landskap har du bott i? ett
24. Har du någongång spytt på fyllan? haha japp
25. Föredrar du skor, strumpor eller barfota? strumpor
26. Är du social? Ja jag är nog hyffsat social av mig ^^
27. Vilken är din favoritglass? Har inte direkt ngn favorit.
28. Vad skulle du göra om du vann 1 miljon? Betala av skulder och leva gott.
29. Tycker du om kinamat? GRYMT GOTT!
30. Tycker du om kaffe? Me need coffee! =D


Today i was at cattis place and we hang out a little ^^Her son is so cute! We were out walking and she showed me what she liked about the game and we talked a bit, lated her babe got home and we ate delich food! Thx hun for making such a good meal. we talked about old memories around the table and then we took it easy for a while.
Later on i had to go home so  her babe got the car and we placed the exercise bike in it ( thats the one i traded with her ^^ She got my game and i got the bike hehe) , she could follow becouse she had to tend to their little son^^.
Well he was so nice and carried it up for me ( i have many stairs in my building -_-) Thx to you also!
Well i later examined it and i FINALLY understood how it worked :D. Cattis i know why it beeps now :P And... I fixed it hehe.
Well i burned 300 calories during a 30 minutes working out session by myself and now im just sitting here.

Let´s see what tomorrow bring!

XOXO mickis!

At my bff´s place ^^

 Well right now im at my best friends house and she has got a snap that she is going to clean the whole place hehe.
Im offering to help a little but she is like she is ^^
Plus we are chatting about how sometimes men are like they are, they become so proud if they ask if they can do the dishes or if they have done them. Then they think they dont have to do it for a whole month, plus sometimes they assume that we LOVE to do the cleaning at home just becouse we do it alöl the time, and a newsflash boys.. WE DONT!
Well im gonna psot a piccu of a cleaning lady to honor her ^^ Just becouse she is so awesome!
Love you hun!!

XOXO Mickis!


Well im just gonna post a quickie here becouse im watching a new anime show that seems to be really funny ^^
The anime is called Lovely complex, and is about a girl that is tall and a guy that is short....
I find it rather amusing that they are saying that the girl is a giraffe when she is only 3 centemeters shorter than me *sobs*.
Well perhaps i would be somewhere but it isnt fair.... -_-......

Well im off!!

XOXO Mickis!

Yep.. sitting here again and it is late.

Today i have so much pain in my freaking back that i have laid in my bed most of the time... I think o got up around six pm or something... Then i could move around like a person at least....
Well im sitting and watching anime called "Myself; Yourself" and it is really good... So far hehe. Im only at episode 4 so i cant really put up all what i think about it but more will come ^^

But i think i will go to bed a little later.. Not sure.. Plus today i have big issues with cattis sims 2 that i have borrowed XD. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt... So finally i downloaded a patch and it worked... FINALLY!! It was thx to my babe that i could fix it... He is so smart sometimes ^^ or perhaps it is just me that is stupid hehe. I guess it is just the wrong time or day XD, back pains + my time of the month + no smokes all day... Good mix? Or not haha.
But one of my friends bought some stuff for me (even if it took ages for her to come with it XD), plus she was a little nervous to come too becouse she noticed i was in a really foul mood, cant blame her actually.

Well im back to watch my show and you have a good night!!

XOXO Mickis!!

Cutest thing i have ever seen!!!

I know that i am killing the english lang. but if you havent read the reason im typing in english then i guess you have to head back a couple posts.

Anyway.... I was talking to my brother on the phone earlier and we were talking about diffrent cats, and I mentioned
that i would really like to have a bobtail! They are the cutest thing i have ever seen! But they are banned to come
inside the country here. They think the cat is a bad breading... What? Just becouse they are born without a tail???
If they arent born with one how can they miss it? Seriusly... Plus in japan they consider this breed as a cat of
fortune. Here are 2 piccus of a american bobtail and a japanese bobtail.

This is a american bobtail. TOTALLY CUTE!!

And this is a japanese bobtail! So cute too! Looks like a chipmunktail!

No cat of this breed as i have seen is the same. They all look diffrent in many ways.. Some of the bobtails even have long tails! But If this breed was allowed here i would totally get one!!! So freaking CUTE!

XOXO Mickis!

*le sigh*

I hate sometimes like now when my friends is trying my sims 3 and they cant use the originalcode juste becouse i registered it on the mainsite to download free items. You cant unregisterit and i think that is bad. It is like. IF you got the game you can never give it away or use it at diffrent places. Geez... IM going to try to delete my account if that is possible so my friend can have the game if she wants it.. Becouse i dont.
BUUUU on you sims 3 website managers...

XOXO Mickis

haha kinda funny actually.

Well today me and some friends were looking for a kitty (what we thought anywhays haha) so we searched everywhere,
so finally me and my other friend found it next to a building and we were ready to take it with us when suddenly a lady walk out on the balcony and said nicely "oh what might you be looking for then?" Adn we said we were looking for the cat we found becouse we thought it didnt have a home and such. Then she told us it was her cat HAHA. What are the odds :P.
She asked us what we were gonna do if she hadnt been there and we told her simply that if she hadnt been home we would have taken it to a cathome and then the cathome would just have contcted her that they have her cat and nothing more. PLUS the cat wasnt a kitten as it looked like. It was a bombay cat and was 5 years old XD. If you would have seen it you wouldnt belive it either XD. Well she was happy that there were girls like us that cared and that we were conserned,
and we told her to at least put a necklace on her cats becouse next time maby there would be someone who just would pick it up and bring it home. We went home and then there wasnt more with it XD.

Haha i found it pretty funny actually becouse this cat has been sitting next to a walking road and talked and really cuddle with the people so you never know :P. So next time if you have outdoorcats..Put at least a necklace on it or a marking that is visible. I know this new chipmarkings are good but they cant be seen XD.

XOXO Mickis!

*yawn, god mornin!*

Good mornin, good afternoon and good evening!
As i bet you could read from my headline it is morning when i write this. But well well.. It is 11.26 AMand i got out of bed a little while ago but i woke up much earlier. So right now im sitting and listening to music on the tv from MTV  and thinking of continue watching Full Metal Alchemist. Or if i should go to the store and buy groceries. Well we just have to see i guess haha. And also today i have to get Cattis my Sims 3 game that she is going to borrow. And if she like it we are gonna do some trading ^^. Hope she likes it hehe. MEan while i have borrowed her Sims 2 games. Not all but most of them HAHA.
Well i will write some later too so take care everyone!

XOXO MIckis.

Hello there!

I know it was a while since i blogged but i have been kinda busy.
Well perhaps not. And as you notice from now on there will only be typing in english becouse of i have friends living over seas as well as family. So i was thinking this would be easier than writing one part in swedish and then translate it to english XD .

Well as you also see i have changed my header as to a way i like it :D
Perhaps further down i will change it again but not for a while.

Hope you have a nice day!

XOXO Mickis!

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