.omg what a bad updating!.

Who is to blame for this bad updating i have been doing? :O

Of course myself haha.

Well I have been playing heroes of might and magic all weekend so sorry, my bad *asg*

Well i hope you had a good weekend?

But now im gonna do some studying and then play some!


.gaming soon hopefully.

soon me and my friend is gonna play heroes might and magic 5.
He brought it with him, i owned it before but i accidently gave it away -_-

It is a game that is fun becouse you can play several people on the same computer as a day as this when the tv only shows CRAP!

.Soon a new header.

For you who remeber the winner of the contest i had before is gonna make me a new header for the blog =)

I kindly asked him if he wanted to and he accepted. But I dont know when it will be done so both you and I have to wait ^^

Thax again Matthew for the time!

"Miss wewe is definatly happy about it and cant wait to see the result"

.marry a anime girl?.

Well in japan they are trying to legalise marrige to a 2D person.
That means that whom ever that wanna marry a anime girl/boy should have the right to do it!
I can belive every otaku out there is very happy that someone came up with the idea.

So far they have around 530 signatures and they need 1 million. (They are pretty far from a million dont you agree.)

Would you if you could marry a 2D character?

.Got a new manga for ya!.

Well this is a manga I read a long time ago but it is really good!
There is also a a real series with real actors (of course asian actors) that is really good too
if you dont wanna read the manga.
But i really prefer the manga, no hard feeling for the show but most shows miss o much.

The manga is:

Absolute boyfrined!

Rejected way too many times by good-looking (and unattainable) guys, shy Riiko Izawa goes online and signs up for a free trial of a mysterious Nightly Lover "figure." The very next day a cute naked guy is delivered to her door, and he wants to be her boyfriend!
Has Riiko died and gone to heaven? The cute guy turns out to be sweet, smart, a great cook, and lots more. And he looks like a million bucks, which is what he's going to cost Riiko if she doesn't return him in time...

Comedy, live action, romance, sci-fi and shoujo

Link to all the chapters!


At the moment i choose to decide myself as tired actually.

Or whatever you call it.
So it is gonna be a short post today.

I´ll put in something read worthy later.

Hugs to you all.

(This is really how i feel right now)

.Watching anime.

Right now im taking a look at the anime "skip beat".
Just becouse im reading the manga and I think it is a ok manga to read.
So i have to see if the anime lives uo to the criteria of the manga.

I post more later!


.Here is the food i made and ate today.

Well I was thinking for a change im gonna post one of the easiest recepies i know.
(And i know alot of them)
As a manga reader, anime watcher and game player and want my food to be quickly made so I can go back to what I was doing.

So Part 1 then:

you need -

sugarsnaps (sockerärtor) you use as much as you want really.
Fresh mushrooms, about 4-5 big ones (i love muchrooms)
and butter.

You heat a pan up and put in lots of butter (about 1 cm) and dont worry, the mushrooms and sugersnaps will suck up all the butter to become delish.

Then you let that become liquid in the pan. Meanwhile you slice the sygarsnaps into little squares (just slice them how ever you want im just saying how i do it) and then put them in the pan directly. Then move on the the mushrooms and slice them then cut the slicec in half and put it in the pan.

Then you let it all become warm and delisch. It takes about 5-10 minutes depending how hot your pan is.

when thats done it should look like this:

After this you take 5 minutes pasta and let it boil and then you put it makrill with tomato sauce and mix.
Make sure the fish is completely spread.

then you mix the pasta with the "salad" you did and it will look like this:

And then you are done.

ENJOY fast food that you can eat while watching anime or playing or reading ^^



... seriously... my tooth is killing me and the pain is much stronger when the tip of my tounge accedentally goes and touch that tooth XD.

You wonder why it hurt s much right?

Well it was a temporarily fixing in that tooth and it is getting loose now... And to fix this tooth cost around 2500kr!!!!
I dont have that kind of money as a student XD.

Well im going to try to eat now with this pain in my mouth. Wish me good luck!

My tooth hurt!


Everyone have days that isnt going to well for them...
For me these are ONE of those days XD I was supposed to wake up early go to school and then fix some errands and then head over to a friends place.

Do you think that happened?

No... I woke up around a little more than one hour ago with my phone out of batteries... -_-
Im so getting like 30 alarm clocks XD I can really sleep thru anything and anytime. I dont have to be tired either...

GAH! Well now im gonna make some food.

Im gonna take piccus of it so you can see what kind of delich food im gonna put in my body! Muahaha!


.Have now created a separetly mailbox for my readers.

Becouse I had to CHANGE my mailbox for the blog I fixed a new mail.
Just for you readers to send in all those things you want to know more abuot =)


Miss Wewe says:

Shall you ever trample in my garden again I shall then smite you with my fist of fury!

. seriously .

How desperate can you be if you think it is okey to just randomly add people just becouse we bloggers put up our e-mail?

And to you who added me:

Im sorry if i sounded rude but what the fuck man! What the hell is your problem to get a fake messenger and then add people? It is almost like i wanna give you a good kick in the face =3

Well well... Not im going to try to behave.

Last thing then.



Ask kindly first if it is okey and then if it is, add.


. Found a fun page for u all .

As i have understood some people like to draw alot!

Thats why i searched for a good page to learn !

The site is called Manga university and they have diffent stuff for you to buy to learn and to perfect your skills.

Here is the site!

there are also tutorials there for you to watch =)

this is how the logo locks so you know you are on the rite site ^^

PLus have you others noticed how slow blogg.se is? XD It is bugging the hell out of me!


. annoying day .

Where should my ranting start?
Well first i went to math class, and of course it is stuff i dont know shit about.... NOT FUN!

Well when that was over it was time to get nervous for the BIG nationality test 3 hours ahead...

It was okey we got to write an essay and i wrote about 2,5 pages.

(I think this piccu represent me well right about now haha)

Then i got home ( after some grocery shopping ) with the whole place up site down.

I guess Mr Måns had a splendid day XD.

Now im gonna make some food and then clean and relax for a while.

I´ll post something fun later for ya!

.The games i tested .

I tried two games from

Big fish games

You can try games for one hour free! =)

The first game was :

Hotel Dash - Suite Success

(press the images to get them larger)

It is a okey game. You are supposed to serve your characters in order to get them happy and at the same time save up points to buy stuff for the honeyroom suite.
Well i would only like this game for a day or two, i easly get sick if it after a while, or i already fininsh it the same day i get it. But for you who like this game or havent tried one, do!

Here is the link!

The other game i tried was:


(press the images to get them larger)

This game is actually real fun! It is a "fint the items on the screen" type of game, you collect money from every find to later buy stuff for your garden. I kinda got addicted to this game and im considering buying it!
It really get your brain and eyes to work! Sometimes it is really hard to find stuff, plus you train your english vocablury at the same time.

Here you have the link!

Hope you liked them! Until next time, good night!

.At home again.

Helluu my little cutie pie readers!

Got home a while ago but i have been on the phone and eaten some food.
I made pasta with spagetti sauce and Makrill ^^

It was DELICH!

Well im gonna try out two new games and then give you a reveiw on them :D
And give you a link to test them aslo (as always).


Pimping the PSP

You may wonder what this is?
But it is me pimping the PSP :D Now my question is: what background do you like the most?

We can call them Pink and Blue :P

Well now im gonna head out to buy some smokes (sorry), catfood and food for myself. Perhaps something to drink also.

I´ll post later! =3

.Watch some episodes then play some and then bed.

Well i just wanted to say good night to my little readers.
Im gonna watch some shugo chara ( i linked that for you further down) then im gonna play some shin megami tensei.

Perhaps if im up long i post something but dont expect much haha.


.manga recommendation!.

I only say this once, all manga isnt suitable for everyone! But these are the one i think is really good!

Selection 1:

Bitter virgin!

Suwa Daisuke is the ladies man of his small town high school, and he has his eye on most every girl, except for one. Aikawa Hinako isn't his type, but when he overhears a deep dark secret of hers, he finds himself thinking of her more and more.

drama, mature, romace and seinen.

All the chapters

Selection 2:

Franken Fran

Fran can make anyone into anything, raise the dead, switch heads and bodies and give you those eyes that you've always wanted. But do you actually want them? Is it a good thing to raise the dead? Do the ends justify the means? And does Fran care?

Comedy, Horror, mature, medical, and seinen.

All the chapters

Selection 3:

Beauty pop

Although a truly gifted hairstylist, Kiri Koshiba has no interest in using her talent to pursue fame and fortune, unlike the three popular boys in the "Scissors Project" at school. They give showy makeovers to handpicked girls, determined to become the best makeover team in Japan. As much as Kiri tries to shy away from the Scissors Project spotlight, she finds herself responding to beauty's call...

Comedy, shoujo

All the chapters

You can find all sort of mangas at this site!

I will come with more mangas as soon as i find something good!

.The show im watching.

I guess you people are wondering what kind of show Shugo Chara is becouse im have talked about watching it alot.

So here is the link of the first episode for you guys!

Hope you like it!!

Shugo Chara! Episode one for my readers!


What will you people do for christmas planning?

.japanese christmas cake.

In japan they celebrate diffrently than we do here in sweden.
We usually have lots of regular food and eat until we drop haha.

They have this CUTE cake they eat with their friends and loved ones.

It is so freaking WELL MADE!
I wouldnt complain to eat one of those hehe.

. I feel honored .

This is what i got in my mailbox today:

I feel honored that they picked me to try out a game that isnt even out yet =D
Well If I have time sure i will try it out and such but as it seems maby i wont. But i will see!


.Today is going to be a good day!.

Hello everyone!

It seems i get the same questions from all over and i thought, "well i can answer it again it is so easy to forget" or something.

Question 1:
Why do you write in english?

Thank you for a very good question and the answer is: Well I dont only have swedish readers, i have people from all over the world =), and if i write in swedish they wouldnt be able to read it hahah.

Question 2:
Will you only write in english?

Yes, yes i will. Becouse now when you have gotten the answer on the question above you understand more why I have to write in english. Plus i see it as good training!

Thank you for your cute little thoughts and i hope i can answer them more and more ^^

But now! Im gonna read some manga! And choose some for you to read. (you dont have to but you know.)


Chibi edward from the anime "Fullmetal alchemist" LOVE IT!

.Going to be a late night!.

Well as it seem there are many new apisodes out! Plus i was thinking of recomending 3 mangas for you guys to read!
I hope you all can wait cuz i wanna find somethign awesome for ya!

Right now i will be watching latest double naruto shippuuden episodes!

.wewe´s and Ronja´s waste of time rant.

Ronja says:
It wasnt that good, it is a movie you see when you are hangover and it isnt really that much. Or when you dont have a life at all.

I kinda agree, sure the special effects was okeyish but it was more like... it wasnt WOW it was more like. ok that was kinda cool.
I wouldnt recoment this movie but i guess people decide for themselves.

.Hello all my hunnies!.

Just watching the final of Swedish Idol!
Favorite of mine is Calle!
His voice is just amasing! He would do awesome in rock songs!
Just hate the 1 hour wait until the final of it.

But the person that had to leave was:


Here is one of her songs:

.watching tv with my darling.

Right now me and my cutie pie are watching swedish idol on tv.
And if i say so myslf i think they are very talented but one of them so far didnt make such a good music choice to compliment their voice. But i guess as long as they are happy haha.

.Måns first apperance.

I sometimes mention my little king here at home.
Måns the evil kittey!

So I thought i was going to put up a piccu oh him and me. So here it is! =)


I guess he wasnt ready for an apperance... Well sucks to be him =3

.Miss wewe informs!.

My dear children!
Just becouse it is friday it doesnt mean you have to go out and drink alot of alcohol and act like an ass!
becouse miss wewe knows you are doing it!
So stay at home and hang out with your friends and play a fun game watch a funny show or do something that doesnt involve alcohol and drugs!

Dont make me come over there with my ruler and hit you on your fingers!

Remember: it is better to act sober and remeber it all than to drink alot and wake up in prison as someones bitch ;)

.Good afternoon!.

Hello guys and gals!
I just turned on the computer for the first time today ^^
Bad posting of me but a nice sleep/rest for mah body!

Well today i was thinking about:
Should I put a video post up someday? And what would you like me to bring up?

And im gonna recommend some manga later this evening.
I just have to go thru hundreds of mangas i have read!

And if you have something to recommend MABY i will give you a post of your own ;)

Hugs and kisses darlings!


this is manga books

And for you who have never read one manga in your life. This is how you read them

.Ooooohhh choko!.

Well I have been back for quite some day but i bought some choko and a snickers some soda and...
Nothing more =D

oh oh i did. I bought some pasta and spagetti sacue. I can cook but i didnt wanna.
Not always in tha mood!

So im watching some shows right now and have taken a bath. Then im getting to bed.

take care!!

.Off to the grocerystore!.

Well Now im off to the store to buy something to eat/drink/smoke.

Im gonna try to take some piccus later becouse im considering bathing my cat *evil grin*

he hates it but he smells like a fart -_-

Well i´ll be back later!!

.Are you waiting for the new Final Fantasy?.

Im still dumbfounded by the fact that -- after years of endless CG teases and countdowns -- Final Fantasy XIII is actually coming out. While still having it´s vague "Spring 2010" release, Square Enix has made good on its promise of a hastened localization. Already, the HUD sports english text, and the characters have been dubbed in english.

The latest screenshots released by Square Enix focus on Oerba Yun Fang, a character introduced at Tokyo Game Show as a traitor working for the government. She may start out as a villain, but it seems one way or another, she's bound to join your party: some piccus I have will show her (and her summon) in actual gameplay screens, proving there will be some interactivity between the hours of cutscenes FF13 is bound to have.

These are some of the piccus. If I get more information or Piccus I will try to remeber to post them.
And for you who wonders: FFXIII Will come out on playstation 3 and the xbox 360.
Just hopefully it will come early in the spring, But they have moved the date before so dont take it to harsh if they do.

.aaaah that was a nice bath.

I just got out of the bath and now im gonna continue watching my anime shows ^^
Then im gonna go to bed but before that!

The question was (it was in swedish but I will translate the best I can):
Hi wewe,
I found your blog today and I like it!
But I have some questions:
1, No where in the blog says how old you are and you say you are still in school, becouse you dont look that old in the above picture.
2, You watch anime a lot but if you are a grownup isnt that a little childish? I mean it is kidshows.
3,Can you tell people about my blog?
4, Will you only write in english?
Well other than that i like it!

Ok I will try to answer as best as I can ok?

1, My age is 22 and soon to be 23. And yes I do go to a grownup school just becouse i dropped out of school 3-4 years ago and want my diploma and im trying to get into the university now.

2, Well sure I can understand why you think it is only kids that watches it just becouse it is animated, but many shows are really good and isnt for children. Like horror and real life stuff. There are TONS of shows. I recommend you find one and at least give it a try. =) And Perhaps i am a little childish but I decide myself when i wanna grow up hehe.

3, Sorry but no. I do not promote other blogs just becouse people ask me. If i find a blog i REALLY like i will post about it and tell the person. Or if I have a contest and you win i will post it but not other than that.

4, Yes I will ONLY write in english, before I used to type in both english and swedish but it tired me out to translate everyword so i stick to english. And why it is becouse i have readers in other countrys.

But thanks that you e-mailed me and i hope that answers your questions!

And if someone else wonders anything just ask and i will try to answer as best as i can!

Good night!!

Hello everyone!

Right now im watching my beloved anime Shugo Chara!
(There isnt any new episodes of the other ones i watch so)

Im considering taking a little nap and listen to some music.
That always put me in diffrent moods dpending of what i listen too hehe.

What do you do to relax?

.Hello everyone.

Well im gonna quick post here becouse im gonna eat some food!
Just got home from school and from a friend ^^

I hope everyone have had a good day?


Well I have been up for.... O_O
Well for more than 30 hours now... and well....

if im not posting anymore today or is not responding to anything...

Then this is the situation im in:

oh here is a new piccu i took of how tired i am XD


XD this morning was quite fun :P

Well as you probably have understood i havent gone to bed yet, and my plan was to suprise my best friend at being up early (im not a morning person) but she over slept and we didnt go to school. So I went to another friends place.
So there is where im sitting now and posting actually.
I will try not to go to bed until later tonight!

Well my friend and her daughter is going to come with me and we are going to do some cleaning.

Hopefully it will go well.

Hope you have a good day and i will post some later ^^

. soon going to school .

argh soon im going to math class...
I dont wanna i dont wanna i dont wanna.

but i need to -_-

but i´ll post later!!


.New anime.

I have been watching a new anime and its name is : Shugo Chara!
It is a pretty old anime but i like it!

It has some features of sailor moon but better.

here is some piccus:

And this little one is my favorite!!! He is so freaking cute and charming =)

You can watch the anime for free here!

.The winner of the contest!.

The winner was Matt!
His recomendation was:

Anime: Koihime Musou
Episodes: 12
Released: 2008
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Action, Slight Ecchi

This anime is an adaptation of a Japanese adult visual novel called Koihime Musō: Doki Otome Darake no Sangokushi Engi which is loosely based on the famous Chinese novel The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. However, the anime does not dwell into the complexities of the Chinese novel at all; instead, it focuses on the travels and adventures of a young beautiful black-haired warrior named Kan'u as she journeys throughout China. She is alone at the start of the anime but she is soon quickly joined by other companions on her travels.

I absolutely love an anime which can make me smile or laugh easily and this anime did just that for me. Some of the funniest moments are when the characters are turned "chibi" for a brief humorous skit or the subtle "yuri" jokes and teasing moments which happens among the characters. This anime was really fun to watch and overall it has a very light tone so it was very easy to get into it. The comedy aspect of the anime is also complimented by some very nice battle scenes especially toward the end of the series.

If you like this one, there is already a second season of this anime called Shin Koihime Musou.

He doesnt have a blog but perhaps I will have him do some guest appareance someday to answer your questins about some anime series.

Congrats! And hope you will put up another recommendation again the next contest in the future!

.stupid tooth!!.

I took a bite of a little candy and apperantly my tooth didnt like it so now it hurts....


I want it to end! Just becouse also i dont have any money to go to the dentist right now...
And that i wonder. People say it is important to keep your teeth healthy but dont they wonder when so many come in with bad teeth just becouse IT IS SO DAMN EXPENSIVE!!!
Just a examination costs 800 kr. O_O Yeah i have that... NOT.
Plus to fix one tooth cost around 1250 kr. For me who is a student this is not money i have in my pocket i actually have to save up for this XD

Well it will take some time and hopefully the tooth will not hurt as much then.

.reminder of the contest.

Tomorrow i will choose a winner of the "best anime or game choice"
No i will not post them both becouse i only choose one person that is good enough.
How will it look if i post a person that has written it very good and then i post one more that is crap?
If i find two that are equal i will make an annoucement of posting it at a later date.

If there are people that still want to enter this is what it should contain:
  1. your name
  2. name of the anime/game
  3. About the anime/game
  4. Your reveiw of the game/anime

So one more day people! Tomorrow evening it will be posted.

The winner will be up around 21.00 PM!

.Drinking some juice and looking for a good anime.

Hello everyone!
Back from the store (i know i never said i was going there but i really dont care) I bought some refreshments for tonight when me and some friends are gonna do some online gaming!! YAY!
What are you gonna do tonight then? =)

Well now im gonna look for a good anime to watch maby i will rewatch something if i cant find anything good.


.love this song!.

I know that like EVERYONE has posted this song but I like it to and who says I cant post it like everyone else? hehe. Listen and you will like it =) (or I hope so) :P

.Perhaps I should play it?.

Im trying to choose to play between Zoo tycoon or the sims 2. =/
What should a girl choose on a boring saturday people?

What game do you think is much more fun? Or do you have another game that you prefer?
Either put a comment about it or send a email and I will post the best one on monday! =)

.To you all i bring you a funny comic.

This comic is from here.

Remember to sit far away from the tv and in a bright light room.

Enjoy =)

.Products from Dustin home.

Well I found some pretty cool (and not so expensive either) stuff on Dustinhome.
I have been looking all over for a good computer to use for school AND to play games and watch my anime shows on and I found a really good one. Like this one for example:

The laptops name is LENEVO G550 PD 2.0
Isnt it stylish??
Click HERE to get straight for the laptops information and how to buy it!

But to tell a little about the computer for you who wonder it is a easy computer to use for both work and homeuse.
It has a intern memory of 3Gib and a diskspace of 250Gib.
The processor is Intel Pentium Dual Core T4200 2 GHz.
(well it is a good processor if you wonder)
AND you get Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit with it.
And what they want for this computer is none other than 4995 kr!!!!
THAT IS CHEAP! I have seen this computer on other sides where they take MUCH more for it.

Well if you wonder more just press one of those links I posted. The one on the top goes directly to their home page and the other goes directly to the computer.

Well now im gonna write my todo list and write this computer up on my "wish list" haha =)

Hope you have an awesome evening!!

.Yeah rocking in my place!.

I just got out of the shower and listening to some music on my xbox =D
Right now the song is "etype - this is the way" that song takes you back ^^

Oh i promise you guys there is people out there right now saying "Who is e-type? Im to young/dont live here to know that song".
Well BUHU! Have you ever heard of youtube recently? *shakes head*
Try it! It will amaze you! XD

Well So now im gonna put on my "face" and fiix myself up.
Im going out for a walk with one of my closests.

Just a question before i continue....

How nosy is the people really if they cant ask the person directly but instead ask people around him/her for stuff they wanna know?


.facebook playing.

Right now im sitting and playing a sort of zoo game on facebook haha.

Bored? me? noo XD haha

Well im gonna go and rest for a bit before going up "again" to start some cleaning and such.

IM also sitting and listening to the the show "vakna med the voice" =)

They are funny hehe.

.My friend got me something good!!.

Forgot to tell you all that one of my friends that was here got me a account on xbox live =D

First of all I cant see the diffrence between a gold and a silver account... Can someone tell me what?
Plus there isnt much free stuff to download and the triels are very short -_-

But im still happy i got it. I just have to figure out how to transfer stuff to my xbox witout needing to plug it in to my computer (and that seems to be the only way).

.common please people?.

I know it is late but that is just becouse i went to sleep at 9 becouse i was really tired but... well i woke up at 01.30 AM -_- stupid sleeping mechanism XD
So now im talking with friends on messenger and browsing the internet.

May I just rant about something to you all?

First of all,
How the fuck can you be so intressted in reading peoples blog ONLY to tell them how "fat" "ugly" "bitchy" and ladida they are? I dont think anyone is in the position to tell people what they are or isnt if they cannot back it up later when they are confronted!
Of course as a blogger you put yourself in the cyberspace and people can say what they want and so on. But if you dont want to be commented take away that option and take it private.
So i freaking hate it when people firstly POST:

"omg today people are saying this and this in my blog about me why?"

Please... there is people typing that for their amusement and nothing else. Like yourself putting out others in your blog (I dont know if anyone of you do it but im asuming it).

If people type that in my blog I wouldnt care any less than I do now just becouse i choose to have it open.

so to you all I say:

.another day.

Crap just when i started to feel better it all came back again... -_-
Stupid sneezing!!
Well a shower and i think it will go away. =)

The boys are sitting on the floor playing left for dead and im sitting here.

Hope you are alright.
I might post later !

Good evening everyone!

Yeah i know it is late and most people is sleeping but do you know what?
I dont give a rats ass about it!
Becouse I have a fever and im watchng my male friends playing left for dead right now and it is creeping me out.
Well I hope you have a good nights sleep and i post more tomorrow.


.gaming week kinda.

Well i havent been posting mucch becouser i have been sick as you know and plus i have had my two friends over =)
Right now we are playing the latest tekken =3 Jelous? I know you are! YARR YARR YARR!
They are so nice, they heard i was sick so they camme over to keep me company. hugs to them both ^^

So right now we have eaten and that so we are gonna watch some anime later and play some more games ! =D
They even made me play left for dead! I hate those games becouse they creep me out!
but now i find it funny to play ^^

Well perhaps i will post later or i post some  tomorrow instead.

Hope you have an awesome evening!!


.Found a new favorite anime show =D.

I love it! It is so totally me this show! Well i know more paople that would agree with me haha!

The shows name is:

Nyan Koi!

I havent watched much so far but this is what phoanime.com is saying:

Junpei Kōsaka is a second-year high school student who despises cats and has an allergy to them. It just so happens that his high school crush is Kaede Mizuno, a girl who adores cats. One day, while walking home from school, Junpei kicks an empty can and unfortunately beans the local neko-jizō-sama (guardian deity of cats). He finds he can now understand what cats are saying, including his family's own ill-tempered cat, Nyamusasu. However, if he does not grant 100 wishes from cats, he will turn into cat himself.

It is currently airing as we speak and I hope you love it as much as i do =)

Well then back to bed!!


It wasnt fun to wake up this morning. Soar throat, nose running, coughing and legs that hurt.
My family thinks I have gotten the swineflu but i can clearly say I dont think I have.
First of all it is the season, i did a workout a couple days ago (that i posted about) no wonder my body hurts and if my body is sick the aching parts doesnt recover as fast. So im just gonna take it easy today and take some pain killers and drink alot of fluid. And watch some movies ^^.

Hope you all are well!

This little piggy is going to bed!


AAAAARGH my nose is rinning like hell, sneezing and it feels like it is no end to it.
AND it started this morning... FUN!
Well it is that time of the season so what can I expect right? =P
Well right now im at my friends place her daughter is sitting and watching her mom cook and im by the computer.
We did a full workout yesterday. First 30 minutes working on the abs, then 40 minutes walk outside and then 30 minutes yoga. So im kinda soar today hehe. But it is a good feeling ^^.

But soon we are gonna eat some lunch and then we are off to my place.


. tired.

Sorr i know there havent been much posting today but I have been to school they went with my grandma to buy a hat and some gloves and then went off to a friends place for coffee becouse it was her birthday yesterday.

She got a Big picture frame to put her kids photos in and she got some nice wine glasses and a new mobile jewelry.

So now im just gonna read up on some stuff and then eat some sandwitches and go to bed. Tomorrow im gonna do some searious cleaning!!

Good night to you all!!

.Hello all!.

Now it is nearly 10 pm and im gonna sit down with my math book becouse i have a math test tomorrow.... Well i did choose it myself but it doesnt matter. Becouse i REALLY have a hard time with it! Do some of you have/had a hard time on any subject?

this is like me:

If the questions were like that that would be awesome!
Well I really dont have a problem with math.. It is my head, i have such problems koncentrating at some points becouse there are all those numbers and it feels like they are ALL ganging up on me.
(I know they dont but it all gets messed up).

Well I have taken a shower as shown here:

And now im gonna study.. Wish me luck! =D

(cuz i need it ;) )

.home for the moment.

Hello all!

im home for the moment to eat something before my class in  like 4 hours.
But right now im watching "Married with children", love that show! But it is getting a little nagging. Becouse they have shown that show for years and there are re-runs ALL THE TIME!
Common i know it is a fun show but sometimes you gets a little boring with the "oooh I saw this yesterday or like 3 hours ago... whats on the other channel?" Havent you been there?

Well im off for the moment. Post some later!

.goodnight everyone!.

Im just gonna watch some series of mine and then go to bed.

Hope you have an awesome evening and night!

.Missed your childcartoons?.

When i was surfing the net I found something i didint think i was gonna find anymore (but what can you say... it is the internet after all hehe)

I found this!

Do you guys remember what they are?
It is those little cute stuff from the movies "rainbow brite".

Omg i loved that cartoon movie. And you guys who havent probably seen it is probably too young so it isnt from your generation. (Didnt i seem old there? O_O )

Well anyways people! Im off to a shower! Love ya!

.Have you wanted to watch gossip girl?.

Well many of you are like me that has perhaps watched one or twice or several episodes but ALWAYS missed the first ones or most of them?

Well I have some lucky news for you all that wants to watch it from the beginning and so on!

I found a website that streams ALL gossip girls episodes online for free so you dont have to download it or buy it.


Well one of my best friends follow this show and i can imagine that it is pretty annoying for her to explain everything for me each time what have happened. *le sigh*

Here is the link!


That is the whole season one but you just have to press the button "gossip girl" to get to the other seasons.


. the song im listening to now.

.sometimes dont you just feel like throwing something?.

I can agree we all dont have good days right?
Well these are one of those days I DONT like anything and dont wanna do anything.
I have to study for a test on thursday on the subject math and I have a difficulty with the subject.
For me it really takes time to understand the concept than others but my math teacher just writes it up REALLY fast and then starts on a new one. NO WONDER no one gets it. And when you ask for help she just say the answer.
HEY i dont want the answer it says in the ending in the book what it is.... I want to know how to MAKE the right answer and understand so i wont need any help with it. *le sigh*

Have you had one of those teachers?

.Soon the new movie is out!.

I know all of you is waiting for the new movie!
And here in sweden the "new moon" is out BUT im not being able to see it ahha becouse the tickets are all sold out and have been for quite some while.

Have some of you gotten tickets for it?
I hope you all are waiting for it and gonna enjoy it becouse i think and hope I will.


Well belated Halloween to all!

I have had much to do this weekend and such so havent had the time to post but I will post some tomorrow ^^


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