.cute video but wtf?.

.Got a present!.

Got a Present from my grandma! She is so cute!!
A cool SNÖ necklace! Love the brand!
(Hurry up and get it, as you see it is growing popular by the minute)

.cutest lunchbox!.

I want this!!!!!

. Oh i forgot .

Took that piccu last night!
I bought that for Måns yesterday and well... MONEY WELL SPENT WHEN HE ISNT EVEN USING IT!
Gaaaah! XD Cats... He is only on it becouse I put him there to take the picture...
Well I didnt spend much on it.
399 swedish currency aka kronor.
In pet stores (yep I checked first) a one that looked the same would go for 2300 kronor.
Wouldnt you say I made a bargain? =D
AND I built it myself!
After that I had to lay down becouse I was in pain but the work was done.
*happy face*


THIS is what im waking up to every morning.
Im being stared at with a evil look in his eyes that says "where is my food bitch?"
Isnt it lovely that our pets love us so much? XD

.cute xbox cover.

Cutest ting i have ever seen!
Only problem i think i would have with it is it would be hairy quite fast becouse of my cat but what the heck.. it is adorable!!

.cute looking lunchbox.

Yeah I have slept like 2 hours this night becouse my freaking teeth hurt like hell after eating hard candy...
Crap... I tried to save up money to fix one tooth...
Ah well... Shit happens.
I found this piccu today!
Doesnt it make you hungry? :D
When i have some more money im totally gonna order it plus some cooking books from japan.
HUGS to all chibis out there =)

CUTE plushie!

This is a plushie for all oyu tea drinkers out there!!

Cute eh?

.I want this!.

Do you guys see who this is? =D

Sadly enough i couldnt find a bigger piccu but I can hint u with that it is from the anime Bleach ;)

Anyone figured it out?

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