.going back to dalarna.

Soon im packing the last and then it´s off to dalarna :)
Bye until wednesday!!

.gaming thru the night.

Well im gonna continue playing a couple hours more I got odin.
I choosed not to use the same as them I Had Hope (the freaking idiot) as a medic the whole time and lightning as a ravanger the whole time and then I just pushed forward. If you are lucky as me odin will only try to kill Hope (to bad he failed) and you can attack him without problems.
Well anyways im gonna continue with this and we´ll see where it goes =)

.FREAKING #&%$!!!.

Yeah i know call me a cheater if you wanna!
But it was a time ago i beat this sucker and it took me freaking three hours and I dont have the energy to do it right now.
Here you go all you who feel the same.
How to beat odin in Final Fantasy XIII

.Doing a quick trip to the store.

Going to the store in a few minutes to buy cigarettes.
Yes I do smoke and im not planning to stop just yet and YES I do know it is bad for you and all that shit but it is my choice as a human being, and it may be a bad one but it´s mine.
I dont go around ranting at you and your issues do I?
*Smoking is very harmful to your health and others around you*
SO only smoke around people you hate! >=)
(joking dammit im joking)

.continuing from yesterday!.

Busy busy busy!
Gotta continue playing, I promise as soon as im meeting the ediolon ODIN im going to be pissed off.
Last time it took me three hours of trying haha :P
(thats why it sucks to re-play the game becouse I finally got him)

.doing right now.

(pictures explains better somtimes than text do and not everybody wants to read it. SO suck it :P


I fell asleep quite early yesterday haha.
I just updated some things and then I went to bed.
Today im gonna visit my grandma and give her mah presents! :)
I bought some cozy sweatpants (so fucking tired that she wears really short and worn out pants, I know she love em but WTF?) and a magnet with a miranda bear that spells "LOVE".
I know it wasnt much but It was hard to find anything, and when I dont know I usually buy clothes for her or shoes.
Im just gonna take it easy today


Hiya all!
Im back! From my "vacation" or roadtrip I might as well call it hehe.
Came home about an hour ago tired as hell but I wanted to update.
Didnt have internet access there so thats why there wasnt any posts.
Hope you all had an awesome time while I was gone!

.fav song for the moment.

.this is how it went.

Remember my cam sucks sometimes so..
Yeah here it is.
I use for my makeup:
1, Maybelline dream satin liquid foundation
2, Maybelline DreamMat powder
3, Nivea expert eye liner
4, Maxfactor lash extension effect mascara
5, Hello kitty eye shadow from H&M
6 Black & white eye pen by H&M
I was trying to get a good eye piccu but it was so-so, hope you get the idea anyways =)

.someone else up early?.

Here I am putting on make-up as you see.
I havent done my hair or anything, I always start on the make-up when I know what to wear becouse thats the festaste way for me, I take longer applying make-up than dressing so...
I can take a Piccu at what I used and then the finished result.

.for you who love asian fashion.

For you who LOVE asian fashion!
There is a site (I actually found today) that you can talk to other with the same interests!


Hello ya´ll!
Sorry if I havent posted but I did tell you that when im working nights im sleeping during the days so therefore no posts.
Right now im packing my bag and cleaning up the place.
Im going to a place called Dalarna tomorrow!
We Had a real problem finding a place to stay but a nice old man called us back and told us we could live in his cabin. (he had and extra cabin that we have for ourself so dont get any weird ideas in your head now.)
So kinda nervous and excitet at the same time.
My grandma just laughed when she saw me packing.
Grandma: " - You are going to be gone a week not a month! Your not going to be able to put more in that bag!"

Me: " - But I want alot change of clothes! And of course im gonna be able to fit more. Dont look down on the younger generation on how we pack our bags. We are kind of experts to overpack our bags grandma!"

Grandma: " - Whatever you say but... Do you really need 14 tops?"

Me: " - Thats not fourteen... oh wait maby it is... BUT YES! Just leave it!"


.What is your opinion?.

.the video that made me love the glee show.

This show really made me love it. This mix was really good!

. Cozy time .

Looked cozy right?
(And excuse my cellphone cam it sucks at night)
I was watching nothing other than:
Before I watched the first half of the first season and actually I both loved it and got sick of it.
But I thought yesterday "Hey.. I watched the first of the second half why not watch the rest of it".
And I did. The second half of season one was much better!
Cant actually wait until september becouse then the second season is coming out!
I love Kurt in the show, he is so dramatic but also so... COMPLEX! :D
And he is awesome becouse he stands up for who he is (when it doesnt come to his father that is haha)
Well hope you have an awesome morning.
I havent slept yet and im working nights so im just gonna do some packing becouse it´s laundry time and then perhaps FINALLY get some sleep.

.thinking about going to bed.

Well im kinda tired and I have stuff to do so im going to bed.
Hopefully I can get some Ideas for tomorrow when im done with what I have to do.
Goodnight! <3

. New anime recommendation.


Asobi ni Iku yo!

Told ya guys before that I have been waiting for it and it is out! So far it is about 7 episodes and they are funny!

The story centers around Kio Kakazu , a high school freshman living in Okinawa. During a memorial service for one of his family ancestors. A mysterious girl with cat ears appears before him indroducing herself as Eris and claiming that she is an alien. However She be more troubling than he first realizes.

As I have a like down at the left you can press there to wact plenty of anime including that one but if you cant see it here is the site:



Im quick posting before eating and then running off to work!!
Hope you have an awesome time! HUGS!

.off to work soon again.

Im just posting a quick message before work.
Im gonna get dressed (becouse I woke up not so long ago) and then head over to my grandma that was kind enough to make me some dinner ^^
Here is some piccus from yesterday:
Me on the train half tired and bored haha.

Well I always LOVED my nike shoes becouse well.. they are shaped after my feet but hell they fucking killed my heel yesterday. Blood and lovely pain XD STill love em.
(Im fully aware that my ankels look big as hell but give a thanks to my cellphone camera haha)

Hope you have a good day becouse im off to work! HUGS!

. off to work! .

Im off to work so perhaps I type something up later or I dont. Depends if I have the time.


Sorry but I have to say... The new karate kid movie... SUCKS!
Not even Jackie chan who is a awesome actor could make this movie good...
I watched this with my special someone and we both.. well we didnt like it.
The part that annoyed me the most was the "hang your coat, drop your coat, pick up your..." AND SO ON!
And suddenly after doing this, HANGIN UP HIS FUCKING COAT ON A HANGER 14 BILLION TIMES he could perfect karate. Seriously?
Ok then, I will hang my coat, pick it up, drop it on the ground and ect for like 5-6 weeks and then I will know the EXACT moves to karate too?
WOW! THATS AMACING! No one will even need to pay thousands of cash to send their kid to karate classes again!
Well all over the movie sucked.. Wasnt funny, wasnt amusing and I fell asleep of boredom like when it was 40 minutes left of the movie.
I was told it still sucked til the end.
Im sad, I hoped for much more.. MUCH more...

.still up.

Well im still up watching some scrubs.
I have to turn my clock around becouse im working night this weekend.
So probably there wont be much posting. But I will continue posting after it is over =)
I think im pretty good putting up almost 7-8 post or more when im really active.
And at least I put in one post even when i dont have stuff to post.
I dont post when im working becouse I need my sleep.

.sadly but true.

Before I always linked all my manga to onemanga.com,
but they have shut down and dont show any manga anymore so im gonna find a equal good site for ya top read manga on.

.before i forget!.

Just saying...
Actor Andy whitfield playing Spartacus in the show "Spartacus - blood and sand"
Second season coming up in october. YAY!

. funny .

There was a interactive thing on youtube that I found was HILARIOUS!
(on not hilarious maby amusing...ok... I wasnt completely bored.)
Anyways just watch the little video and then make the chioces that appear to help him deliver the pizza.
To get a larger box doubleclick it and you will get on youtube where you left off.

.Building done! (almost).

I was putting up a shelf in my kitchen above the table.
I think it kinda looks ok! If the picture would have ended up black&white instead of white&blue XD
Well it isnt completely done, but im on my way here it is:
Im actually gonna paint those frames black when i get some paint and under the shelf im gonna hang my black skull mugs. AND when I have ordered some ore black color for my printer the pictures can finally look like this:

. zelda timeline.

I dont know if you all know what the game are and if you dont...
Get the fuck out of my sight and away from my blog...
The reason Im bringin this up becouse I saw a show with the angry nintendo game nerd yesterday (and oh yes he is awesome) and I understand his confusion with the zelda timeline..
Are they going backwards or... well going where ever they fucking please!
But I found two diffrent timelines made by zelda fans on google and im gonna put them up.
Do you find them accurate?
Anyways... It is confusing as hell...

.here they are.

I promised I would show the clothing I want to show you guys and here it is (including a bag).
A cozy sweater! Also can be used as a jacket. WANT IT! ;)
A sweater, cute and stylish! And of course when I want it they dont have it.. *sob*
And here is the bag... I WANT IT! Isnt it cute? =D
All of these can be looked up and bought at novaqueen.se

.buying clothes.

Hiya all!
Right now im sitting waiting for my food to heat up.
Anyways... While im waiting om looking up clothes at novaqueen, and there are many clothing I want from there but it is to expensive for my wallet...
(Becouse im spending it somewhere else =3 )
So im checking up on what im gonna buy and what to wait with..
there may come up better things.
I post when I have choosed some clothing to get =)

. fashion .

All of us that ADORES the school costumes  and wish we had the same thing...
CAN we really blame it after seeing the japanese school fashion?
Who wouldnt want to see their kids wearing this to school? I would love to see my daughter (if I had one) to wear it.
I wish I had one when I was in school!

.tough week.

Sorry dudes and dudettes, I have been working nights on and off so either I havent had the time to write or I have been to tired.
Here is a piccu of my partner in crime:

.cutest lunchbox!.

I want this!!!!!

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