. I will! .

For you who wonder.
Yes I will put up new manga and anime recommendations as soon as I find something good I wanna recommend.
First of all I like to read thru things and watch them so I can actually stand by what I suggest.
Get it?
( Miss wewe says: Stop nagging or I hit you with my ruler!)

. (>.<) .

Wtf people? Stop it! ~ Måns

Why do people care more about people they dont know, havent met and so on than themselves?
Look here in sweden about these "top" bloggers... They are only famous becouse you read their blogs but what have they really done? Ok they have amused us ALOT (In so many wrong ways for small little kids to understand)! But all YOU do is read about their trips, their drinking habits, their shopping spree and so on.
I can find it ok to read them but BUT WHY do you go around telling them you love them and start fights for them, and trying to be like them? =S
You are a person with your own personality! Belive me they dont care a shit about you! They say they do but of course! You gave them fame! Small little kids that are NOW legal to but alcohol! -_-
Well keep reading them anf have fun but please... stop with your monkey buisness.


What is for you a typical "girl game"?

.did you know?.

DO you guys know that you can watch free episodes of your favorite shows and movies
streaming free on this site?
You might wonder WHY im saying this?
No im not making any commercial for the site but as I know many people dont
afford to buy old movies or have a hard time finding good documentaries or the latest episodes
of the shows they are watching so I thought i would be nice this once.
Hope you like it!


haha do you guys know what I just found?
OLD episodes of digimon!
(these guys)
HAHA! I remember when I was small and watched this show and thought it was awesome!
Here is the link to all the episodes to you old fans as myself to watch them again and smile.

.cut my own design.

Today my grandma gave me her old t-shirts so i decided to put my own design on them since then were WAY to big. Old people buying really large t-shirts for no reason sometimes.

It actuallt looks better in irl than it does when i take a piccu with my cam haha.


.bad me!.

Yeah I know, bad update but thats becouse people I HAVE A JOB to take care of and go to :P
As I said before im a grown-up and I have bills to pay so I can only update the blog when im free or when I only have early days at work.
Hope you had a good summer so far?

. food .

Just finished some cottage cheese sandwitches and some juice.
And im full, I cant move an inch! hehe.
Hope you have an awesome evening!
( the picture is about half year old but I miss that haircolor. What do you think?)

.evening time.

I just got home and im tired.
So im gonna take some sandwitches and then perhaps watch a movie and go to bed.
This is what im wearing:
Got it from my friend R when we were shopping at BikBok.
Funny thing is, she took that dress and was gonna pay for it, the cashier then said:
"- it´s two for 99 kronor so take another clothing too!"
So she went to the hanger were she found it and... well... the rest of the things that were on it looked like.. I wouldnt even wash my windows with them so she took another one and said I get one too haha.
She is cute. She found a lipgloss in the shape of a cupcake. Adorable.
Well that was a short version of a long one.
Hope you have a good evening!


I got a question today...

"Why dont you start making videos to put up?"

Becouse I would like to have a reason to make one.
(of course that shut her up haha)

.bye bye money.

I hate it when you get your salary and when it is the end of the month they all go away becouse you pay the bills.
Well bye bye my lovleys!

.news coming this fall for xbox users.

Kinect Motion Controller for Xbox 360 releases in November 2010, and was announced on June 1, 2009 at E3 2009

. The best boy evah! .

Here is my favorite boy in my life!
(I know he looks pissed and evil but thats just how he looks ^_^)

And im working early tomorrow so this is for my readers:
TJAO all my cutiepies!


Is what im saying today becouse I freaking hurt my knee!!
I must have made the wrong move becouse omg...
Well havent been my lucky day either!
First I overslept for work!
THEN there was a issue with the train.
Then later i hurt my knee,
didnt realize until i left work that i forgot to cloze my zipper,
lastly on the train i didnt realize that my bra was showing..
Hope you had a better day than mine! XD

HUGS to all my cute chibis!!

.Tired after work.

No words are needed after coming home from a long day of work.


.off to work.

Well im off to work!
I spilled coffee on my jeans so I switched clothes...
Have a great day everyone!!

.B gata H Kei.


B gata H kei

Yamada is a high school student, and a virgin, who aspires to have 100 casual sex partners. Despite this, soon she finds herself targeting and persuing only one boy.

Status: Aired/complete 12 episodes.

.todays outfit.

Nothing special about it, havent even done my hair yet but it is good enough to go to work with! =D

:makeup for the day!.

Omg I looks so scared for the camera and uptight? Well thats what you get three in the morning people!
Gonna fix my hair now!
Fun times I have right now haha XD

.fixing myself up!.

Putting on mah makeup!

Right now im putting on some creams and some other boring things that will make me look a little better for the day. And a little later im gonna fix my hair and do the dishes.
My grandma is gonna come over to feed my cat while im at work so he wont be lonely.

here is the little bastard that rules my place!
Cute huh?=)

.Late at night.

Well it´s late i know but i dont have anything better to do than to blog now when i got out of the shower haha.
Going to work in 4,5 hours.
Anyone else that is a nightowl like me?


Taking a shower!
Be right back!
(This piccu is so cute!)

.Clothes I want right now.

Yeah I know a shocker right?
Well I thought for once I could show what kind of clothes I wanna have so here is the first one!
(press the images for larger view)

I actually ordered all of these =)
When i get them i will show ya! :D

. I am in the mood! .

IM in the mood for sushi!!!
It is delish! But im saving it for later! ;)

.Congrats to the future queen on her wedding day! .

Congrats Princess Victoria and (now) Prince Daniel on your wedding day!
Hope you have a lovely marriage and you had a wonderful day to remember for years!

.mixing and testing.

tried some stuff out, only thing that bothers me with the piccu when it´s smaller is that my nose looks like.. well REALLY BIG! The lightning on this piccu sucks XD Well thats my fault.
Well you learn while you live :D


They only gain more publicity if you idiots keep reading what they have to say, and of course the stupid people is going to be put up with a lie for no reason just so people will go there and read about it.
It´s you people who give them fame not the other way around.

.nothing new? WHAT?.

Well im cleaning today... But there is such a awesome weather outside i just wanna...
Yeah... Not gonna happen XD
Soon im gonna run over to my neighbour to borrow her vacuumcleaner becouse mine is broken...
Belive it not but it was my grandma who broke it haha!
Well when it all is clean im gonna be a more happy person =)
(keeps telling herself this many times over when she looks at the place)

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