.Bingo party tonight.

Tonight my best friend R is going to have a party at her and her mans place so im going there now any minute.
I hope all my readers have a awesome evening! :D
Maby I will put up some piccus i wont promise anything though hehe.

XOXO Mickis!

.Tired today.

Gaah Im so sick and tired...
Well recently im stated to feel the urge to puke XD
And im tired all the time...
Well I guess I just have to rest and hope it will get better.

Post later.

XOXO Mickis!

.Colored my hair today!.


Hello everyone!

Today i have colored my hair, thought my webcam sucks you can see that om not blond anymore haha.

Im going to try to take one tomorrow with my mobile.

Here is the piccu:


I colored it dark blonde so it nearly goes brown.

But anyways om going to play a little computer game and then go to bed.

Goodnight everyone!!


.Gemini lost.

Well today I finished another game.
It was really easy and can easly be finished in 1 day. But with that I got it realyl late and i had to go to bed made it that i finished it today.
The ggame is called Gemini lost and is a type of strategy game.
Cute grafics and such but it was a little simple and a little boring.
But i think some people would actually love these types of games where you just sit and wait for some points to build up so you can master some skills and such.

.Tired sunday.

Hello all!
Today it is sunday and I am SO TIRED!
So it is just gonna be some quick posting and a piccu of how ridiculus tired I look haha.

Well here it is and I wish all my cutie readers a wonderful sunday!



.E´s and mine little adventure.

.I just had to.

This song is totally awesome!
It is on my head and perfect for an saturday dont ya think?
When you hear this type of music you just wanna dace!

.Did you know?.

Did you know that there is a website having a vote on to ban kanye wests music?
So if you wanna vote here is the link.


.Geek evening =3.

Hello all!
Today im sitting with my Neighbour and her two little sisters playing on the xbox360.
It is so much fun! :D
I told you guys that geeks rules ;)
Well we can be normal at times but, we dont like ti very much haha.
Who wants to be normal anyways?
Well im gonna continue here.

Hugs to all my readers!


HAHA love it! Barney is my idol sometimes XD
Dont know why but this video makes me think about my cutie pie :P


.Well hello there.

Today im sick *sniffles*

But despite that I gathered all of my strenght and cleaned my kitchen!
There is much left to do -_-

Well lots of hugs to all my reader becouse now im gonna treat myself to some anime while I rest.

.Well my next version of top three anime´s this week.

1, Ai Yori Aoshi

Kaoru Hanabishi appears to be an average university student, but in actuality, he's the eldest son of Yūji Hanabishi, the head of the Hanabishi Zaibatsu, and was set to take over the zaibatsu after his father retired. His mother, Kumi Honjō, and his father never married, making life difficult for both him and his mother. Kaoru's father died when he was five years old. Since then, Yūji's grandfather, Gen'ichiro Hanabishi, took Kaoru under his wing and began educating him for the eventual succession. Yet Kaoru never felt at home in the Hanabishi family and left to live by himself after his mother died. Day by day he felt alone, thinking that he was living life with no reason pushing him on.

Report taken from: Phoanime.com

There is a second season on Ai Yori Aoshi called "Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi"

2, Devil May cry (Yes like the game)

Devil May Cry follows the adventures of the demon hunter Dante who himself is half demon and half human. Dante is hired through his own business named "Devil May Cry". The characters are based off of the popular capcom playstation 2 games

Report taken from: phoanime.com

3, Chobits

In the near future, personal computers take the form of attractive women and men, called Persocoms. Hideki Motosuwa is a poor student who failed his entrance exams to get into college. So, Hideki is forced to move to the city, get a job, and attend cram school in hopes of passing the next college entrance exam. He, of course, wants a Persocom for himself, but is way too poor to afford one. One day, while passing an alley, he finds a Persocom in a trash heap. However, his new find doesn't seem to be like the others he's heard about. She doesn't seem to have any operating system at all, and only says "Chii". As Hideki learns more about his Persocom, he finds that she is not of any known type, and most likely some sort of prototype model. He also learns of the rumor of the "Chobits", Persocoms with the ability to think for them selves, instead of running only complex programs. Find out what happens between Hideki and his new Persocom as she learns more about her environment, people, and life.

Report taken from: Phoanime.com

Well of all these three Chobits is my favorite =), just becouse i mentioned it now i have to rewatch it :D
I´ll post later! Lots of hugs to my readers!


When i saw this video i laughed so hard!
Can you see yourself in this song?

.Advertisement for animemp3s.org.

.Hello everyone!.

Well unfortunate today it isnt sunny but my mood is! :D
Is someone elses mood sunny and happy today?
A message for you guys who like anime/games and well just about anything related to that,
im going to post something for you guys later.

(piccu saying: isnt that great huh?)

Talk to you all later!

.Hopefully the last post of the day.

Im bored, im eating a brownie, and watching anime...
The weird thing is...

Well first i thought i was sick or something, when did i NOT think anime was great?
Well I think im just not in the mood for anything today. -_-

Hopefully it wears off.

I just had to take a snapshoot of my boring mood, i look shocked or something O.O
No im so not photogenic XD

Well hope all my readers have a awesome evening!

.Shopping spree.

Today I went shopping a little haha.
A girl have to make herself a little happier sometimes, dont you agree? =)
So this was what i bought:

I bought the underwear at Lindex And the rest of the stuff at Kicks, I really like it!

Well im going to eat some brownies now and fix stuff, i will see if i remeber to post a piccu of little me later.

.Kanye west says he is sorry for the third time on leno.


.A great day!.

Today a special someone close to me took his driver license!!

I just wanted to quick post, becouse im going down to the town centre to buy some food. ^^

Hope you also have a awesome day!

See the first 5 minutes of grey´s anatomy´s season premiere!!!


Here is the first five minutes guys! I warn you even if it is only the first five minutes they contain spoilers!

So if you dont want the show to be spoiled and you wanna wait then dont press the video!

But other than that enjoy! :D


.Late night.

Well as you can see the videos i put up about kanye west little "im so awesome so i can decide whats good and whats not" attitude is not allowed on youtube so every video they find they will take off, so no matter if i try to put it up here they will take it off.
Dont know why though, why shouldt people be allowed to see his idiotic act?
Millions of people have already seen it so?
Well anyways,
I was heading for bed but i wanted to check around the internet first. I have a early day tomorrow at school.
Haha well sometimes I do. But i have just been so tired lately. But i guess that is becouse of the change into the fall weater. Well I hope all of you have a good night sleep becouse i hope I will.

. Sorry guys!.

Well at the time i guess you are trying to press the other link below they have already taken it down.
But here i found another one for ya so you can see what happened.


.What did come over Kanye West?.

Hello everyone! Did you see the VMA´s last night? Well If you didnt I can show you this link.
Out of nowhere when Taylor swift was going to accept her award and say her thanks Kanye west walked up on stage and disrespected her like I have never seen. O.O
Here is the clip from it.




Well I will be posting later.



Well i did not finish my cleaning up yesterday AND me and my little dear neighbor (aka Emmeline one of my friends) was up til like 8 AM playing our online game XD
Well as you understand i recently woke up haha, and my plan was to just rest my eyes for one hour or two and then get up again.
Well as you see that didnt work out as planned did it?
But am I bothered?
Well ok, a little bit.
But anyways im going to spoil myself with taking some yummy food ( dont have any) and continue cleaning XD
Take care all!!

.Another day and another boredom.

Well hello again,
im trying to make my place spotless today! But it will take time and energy.
Not in the mood but what can you do?
I will take some time for myself right now before my friend come over and we will have a "play night".
We are going to carry her computer over here and then play all night :D Hope she calls in time so she can but candy and stuff, cant have a play night without some goodies :D.
Well perhaps i will post later or i wont, it depends for how long i will sit up and play and if im not to tired.

.Have you ever had one of those dreams?.

Last night I dreamt a weird dream, " cant really say what" but it made me be in a really foul mood when I woke up!
I hate those dreams, they cn really destroy your mornings and you think about it alot!
Have you ever had one of those?

Well anyways im off to do some laundry soon at my grandmas place.
She was so nice fixing a time for me over there.

I´ll be posting more later.

.This is the new game im playing.

This is actually a new game im playing! It is really fun and the characters are absolutely cute =)
It is the same creators who made flyff- fly for fun that is the makers of this one.

If you like the pictures and want to play it visit this site to download it and play.
(The account is free and so are the game.)

.Seen this one?.

I was just wondering if you guys have seen these anime´s. These are the my top 3 for this week =)

Princess Lover

Teppei Arima is a second-year high school student who lost both of his parents in a traffic accident on their way home from a family trip. His grandfather, Isshin Arima, happens to wield the puppet strings in Japan’s vast economy and demands that Teppei becomes his successor as the head of the Arima Group. To prepare for his debut into high society, Teppei enrolls in an elite academy for the scions of the rich and powerful.

Text from: phoanime.com


The story centers on Kana Nakamichi, a middle-school girl who had already lost her parents and just recently lost her only remaining relative, her grandmother. As a result, she ends up living and working at a newspaper delivery office. Everyone else living at the office are all charming, self-assertive bishôjo. The manga follows Kana’s daily life in the fast-paced yet joyous environment.

Text from: Phoanime.com


Adaption of kakifly's seinen yonkoma manga series K-ON! (pronounced "kei on"). The story about four high school girls that try to sustain their school's popular music club despite being unable to read music or play instruments has been serialized in Manga Time Kirara magazine since 2007.

Text from: phoanime.com

.Studying is important.

Well sorry guys I just took a quickshot and as you can see im studying. The subject is computer knowledge, and i have a test about it tomorrow XD.
I hate tests! But I know they are good for you.
When I study, I usually do it 2 or 1 day before the test becouse im work better when im pressured. And right now to feed up my energy im thinking about making some sandwitches and a cup of tea.
Hope you have a nice evening!

.haha old memories.

Haha today i found an old picture of myself XD quite funny!
I post it here and piccus of me new ones will be up in like 1 hour or so.

If i could be three again haha :D

.late day today.

well im just posting real quick here becouse i just got home and going to eat something before i post some piccus.

Hope everyone have had a good day!

.It is kinda late.

I know I said I was gonna put up some pictures but it´s kinda late so I have planned to do it tomorrow.
Right now im boiling some beef noodles. They are so YUMMY!
For you whom havent seen piccus of me except for the one on my header, well, now you get the chance haha.
So for today I have to say goodnight and sleep tight!

.Nails done.

Well step one have been done and i have decided to take pictures tonight soyou can see what a little pampering can do. And to those who dont have much money like myself.
Doenst care what brand you use as long as you check for why skintype and hairtype you choose, i have both tested some expensive ones and cheap ones and on several times the cheap are better as long you find the one that fits your type the best. All of us dont have much money in our bankaccounts to buy those special brand thats why sometimes it pisses me off that magasines and "celebreties" tell us to always buy the expensive ones becouse they say they are awesome! Why not make some pages about cheap brands that is good that everyone can buy?
If i had a little more money i would totally do that test for ya so you now what is the cheapest and how they work.

Well im off!

The in and out list! Swedish!

1, Ansiktsmasker - Bra nu när hösten börjar nalkas och huden börjar kännas lite dålig.

2, Uggs - Ja ni må inte tycka om dom men d gör jag, varma, sköna, dom passar fan för allt!

3, Polotröjjor - finns ibland inget skönare att ha på sig, speciellt om det är långa sånna.

4, mysiga filmkvällar - ja passar det inte bra nu när mörkret kommer tidigare?

5, Mjukisbyxor - Det e fan det bästa av allt! Länge leve mjukisbyxor!

1, Folk som tror att dom e kända för att dom har blogg - inte som att ni får nobelpris för detta guys..

2, Smutskastning över internet - Skaffa en hobby eller låt datorn vara ifred, detta är uppenbarlingen inget för er.

3, högre matpriser - jobbigt att vara student på minimum inkomst just nu XD

4, Att mina kära favorit anime serier bara visas en gång i veckan! - Me want them more often!

5, Sims 3 - excuse me men detta spel var en besvikelse.

.Today it is a day focused on me!.

Yes today my cutie went home =( I just got home from seeing him off at the boat.
So to cure the little loneliness i feel i bought stuff to cheer me up. Well i havent taken pictures of them so I take them form the net so perhaps you can see the finished result later ;)

I bought (remember this product might not exsist where you live):

OLIV naturell cleansing mousse (with organic virgin olive oil)    60.00 Kr
Depend French look Fake nails                                               80.00 Kr
Mud Mask/Chocolate mud mask/ Peel-off Mask                               20.00 Kr Each

There are three minature. I just picked one facemask to show so ^^.

Well im off now to pamper myself. Take care!


Well the week is at it´s end and my babe has to go home tomorrow. I dont wanna!
I want him here =(

Right now we are watching family guy and laughing. I think the show is pretty funny haha.

Well perhaps i´ll update later.

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