.aaaah that was a nice bath.

I just got out of the bath and now im gonna continue watching my anime shows ^^
Then im gonna go to bed but before that!

The question was (it was in swedish but I will translate the best I can):
Hi wewe,
I found your blog today and I like it!
But I have some questions:
1, No where in the blog says how old you are and you say you are still in school, becouse you dont look that old in the above picture.
2, You watch anime a lot but if you are a grownup isnt that a little childish? I mean it is kidshows.
3,Can you tell people about my blog?
4, Will you only write in english?
Well other than that i like it!

Ok I will try to answer as best as I can ok?

1, My age is 22 and soon to be 23. And yes I do go to a grownup school just becouse i dropped out of school 3-4 years ago and want my diploma and im trying to get into the university now.

2, Well sure I can understand why you think it is only kids that watches it just becouse it is animated, but many shows are really good and isnt for children. Like horror and real life stuff. There are TONS of shows. I recommend you find one and at least give it a try. =) And Perhaps i am a little childish but I decide myself when i wanna grow up hehe.

3, Sorry but no. I do not promote other blogs just becouse people ask me. If i find a blog i REALLY like i will post about it and tell the person. Or if I have a contest and you win i will post it but not other than that.

4, Yes I will ONLY write in english, before I used to type in both english and swedish but it tired me out to translate everyword so i stick to english. And why it is becouse i have readers in other countrys.

But thanks that you e-mailed me and i hope that answers your questions!

And if someone else wonders anything just ask and i will try to answer as best as i can!

Good night!!

Postat av: Elin - Design&Makeup

sv: Åh, tack så mycket vad snällt sagt av dig :)

2009-11-18 @ 23:53:11
URL: http://designandmakeup.se
Postat av: Malin

Tack så mycket, vad glad jag blir :D

2009-11-19 @ 13:23:07
URL: http://malinsofiacalmebring.blogg.se/

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