. annoying day .

Where should my ranting start?
Well first i went to math class, and of course it is stuff i dont know shit about.... NOT FUN!

Well when that was over it was time to get nervous for the BIG nationality test 3 hours ahead...

It was okey we got to write an essay and i wrote about 2,5 pages.

(I think this piccu represent me well right about now haha)

Then i got home ( after some grocery shopping ) with the whole place up site down.

I guess Mr Måns had a splendid day XD.

Now im gonna make some food and then clean and relax for a while.

I´ll post something fun later for ya!

Postat av: Just Another Crazy Blonde - With Just Another Stupid Blog

Tack tjejen för besöket!! :)

Kikar in tillbaka och vinkar lite!

Trevlig vecka! :)

//Just Another Crazy Blonde

2009-11-23 @ 20:15:38
URL: http://spindeltjejen.wordpress.com
Postat av: Malin

Älskar din sida! Mangas är ju toppen! Du ritar själv också va?

2009-11-23 @ 20:23:24
URL: http://alifeofmalin.blogg.se/

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