.common please people?.

I know it is late but that is just becouse i went to sleep at 9 becouse i was really tired but... well i woke up at 01.30 AM -_- stupid sleeping mechanism XD
So now im talking with friends on messenger and browsing the internet.

May I just rant about something to you all?

First of all,
How the fuck can you be so intressted in reading peoples blog ONLY to tell them how "fat" "ugly" "bitchy" and ladida they are? I dont think anyone is in the position to tell people what they are or isnt if they cannot back it up later when they are confronted!
Of course as a blogger you put yourself in the cyberspace and people can say what they want and so on. But if you dont want to be commented take away that option and take it private.
So i freaking hate it when people firstly POST:

"omg today people are saying this and this in my blog about me why?"

Please... there is people typing that for their amusement and nothing else. Like yourself putting out others in your blog (I dont know if anyone of you do it but im asuming it).

If people type that in my blog I wouldnt care any less than I do now just becouse i choose to have it open.

so to you all I say:


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