.Hello all!.

Now it is nearly 10 pm and im gonna sit down with my math book becouse i have a math test tomorrow.... Well i did choose it myself but it doesnt matter. Becouse i REALLY have a hard time with it! Do some of you have/had a hard time on any subject?

this is like me:

If the questions were like that that would be awesome!
Well I really dont have a problem with math.. It is my head, i have such problems koncentrating at some points becouse there are all those numbers and it feels like they are ALL ganging up on me.
(I know they dont but it all gets messed up).

Well I have taken a shower as shown here:

And now im gonna study.. Wish me luck! =D

(cuz i need it ;) )

Postat av: Ruller

Good luck with the test! I know what it is like to have a hard time with math. -_-

But I know if you work hard you can do it. =)

2009-11-04 @ 22:06:32

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