.Products from Dustin home.

Well I found some pretty cool (and not so expensive either) stuff on Dustinhome.
I have been looking all over for a good computer to use for school AND to play games and watch my anime shows on and I found a really good one. Like this one for example:

The laptops name is LENEVO G550 PD 2.0
Isnt it stylish??
Click HERE to get straight for the laptops information and how to buy it!

But to tell a little about the computer for you who wonder it is a easy computer to use for both work and homeuse.
It has a intern memory of 3Gib and a diskspace of 250Gib.
The processor is Intel Pentium Dual Core T4200 2 GHz.
(well it is a good processor if you wonder)
AND you get Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit with it.
And what they want for this computer is none other than 4995 kr!!!!
THAT IS CHEAP! I have seen this computer on other sides where they take MUCH more for it.

Well if you wonder more just press one of those links I posted. The one on the top goes directly to their home page and the other goes directly to the computer.

Well now im gonna write my todo list and write this computer up on my "wish list" haha =)

Hope you have an awesome evening!!


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