.reminder of the contest.

Tomorrow i will choose a winner of the "best anime or game choice"
No i will not post them both becouse i only choose one person that is good enough.
How will it look if i post a person that has written it very good and then i post one more that is crap?
If i find two that are equal i will make an annoucement of posting it at a later date.

If there are people that still want to enter this is what it should contain:
  1. your name
  2. name of the anime/game
  3. About the anime/game
  4. Your reveiw of the game/anime

So one more day people! Tomorrow evening it will be posted.

The winner will be up around 21.00 PM!

Postat av: mälli

jag behöver just din hjälp! :(

läs bloggen varför jag behöver din hjälp..

2009-11-15 @ 16:56:41
URL: http://lorentzonfoto.blogg.se/

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