.stupid tooth!!.

I took a bite of a little candy and apperantly my tooth didnt like it so now it hurts....


I want it to end! Just becouse also i dont have any money to go to the dentist right now...
And that i wonder. People say it is important to keep your teeth healthy but dont they wonder when so many come in with bad teeth just becouse IT IS SO DAMN EXPENSIVE!!!
Just a examination costs 800 kr. O_O Yeah i have that... NOT.
Plus to fix one tooth cost around 1250 kr. For me who is a student this is not money i have in my pocket i actually have to save up for this XD

Well it will take some time and hopefully the tooth will not hurt as much then.

Postat av: Cajsa

hehe jo men precis liksom! XD

Ska sova nu dock... God natt sötaste! :D höres i morron! :)

2009-11-16 @ 00:34:11
URL: http://cajsa1.webblogg.se/

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