.The games i tested .

I tried two games from

Big fish games

You can try games for one hour free! =)

The first game was :

Hotel Dash - Suite Success

(press the images to get them larger)

It is a okey game. You are supposed to serve your characters in order to get them happy and at the same time save up points to buy stuff for the honeyroom suite.
Well i would only like this game for a day or two, i easly get sick if it after a while, or i already fininsh it the same day i get it. But for you who like this game or havent tried one, do!

Here is the link!

The other game i tried was:


(press the images to get them larger)

This game is actually real fun! It is a "fint the items on the screen" type of game, you collect money from every find to later buy stuff for your garden. I kinda got addicted to this game and im considering buying it!
It really get your brain and eyes to work! Sometimes it is really hard to find stuff, plus you train your english vocablury at the same time.

Here you have the link!

Hope you liked them! Until next time, good night!


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