.Today is going to be a good day!.

Hello everyone!

It seems i get the same questions from all over and i thought, "well i can answer it again it is so easy to forget" or something.

Question 1:
Why do you write in english?

Thank you for a very good question and the answer is: Well I dont only have swedish readers, i have people from all over the world =), and if i write in swedish they wouldnt be able to read it hahah.

Question 2:
Will you only write in english?

Yes, yes i will. Becouse now when you have gotten the answer on the question above you understand more why I have to write in english. Plus i see it as good training!

Thank you for your cute little thoughts and i hope i can answer them more and more ^^

But now! Im gonna read some manga! And choose some for you to read. (you dont have to but you know.)


Chibi edward from the anime "Fullmetal alchemist" LOVE IT!


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