.Yeah rocking in my place!.

I just got out of the shower and listening to some music on my xbox =D
Right now the song is "etype - this is the way" that song takes you back ^^

Oh i promise you guys there is people out there right now saying "Who is e-type? Im to young/dont live here to know that song".
Well BUHU! Have you ever heard of youtube recently? *shakes head*
Try it! It will amaze you! XD

Well So now im gonna put on my "face" and fiix myself up.
Im going out for a walk with one of my closests.

Just a question before i continue....

How nosy is the people really if they cant ask the person directly but instead ask people around him/her for stuff they wanna know?


Postat av: MizthaNguyen

Hejsan! nu är jag tillbaks med bloggen och har en dansvideo tillägnad till min flickvän. Skulle upskatta ifall ni kunde titta förbi :)

ha en fortstt bra kväll! :)

2009-11-14 @ 00:02:49
URL: http://mizthanguyen.blogg.se/

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