. Cozy time .

Looked cozy right?
(And excuse my cellphone cam it sucks at night)
I was watching nothing other than:
Before I watched the first half of the first season and actually I both loved it and got sick of it.
But I thought yesterday "Hey.. I watched the first of the second half why not watch the rest of it".
And I did. The second half of season one was much better!
Cant actually wait until september becouse then the second season is coming out!
I love Kurt in the show, he is so dramatic but also so... COMPLEX! :D
And he is awesome becouse he stands up for who he is (when it doesnt come to his father that is haha)
Well hope you have an awesome morning.
I havent slept yet and im working nights so im just gonna do some packing becouse it´s laundry time and then perhaps FINALLY get some sleep.


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