Hello ya´ll!
Sorry if I havent posted but I did tell you that when im working nights im sleeping during the days so therefore no posts.
Right now im packing my bag and cleaning up the place.
Im going to a place called Dalarna tomorrow!
We Had a real problem finding a place to stay but a nice old man called us back and told us we could live in his cabin. (he had and extra cabin that we have for ourself so dont get any weird ideas in your head now.)
So kinda nervous and excitet at the same time.
My grandma just laughed when she saw me packing.
Grandma: " - You are going to be gone a week not a month! Your not going to be able to put more in that bag!"

Me: " - But I want alot change of clothes! And of course im gonna be able to fit more. Dont look down on the younger generation on how we pack our bags. We are kind of experts to overpack our bags grandma!"

Grandma: " - Whatever you say but... Do you really need 14 tops?"

Me: " - Thats not fourteen... oh wait maby it is... BUT YES! Just leave it!"



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