.How I do my make-up.

1,First take something to take away all hair from your face.
(I always use a cap becouse well.. It is easier for me)
2,Then use a cover to cover all you blemishes and then put on your foundation.
3,Now put on some rouge on your cheeks and a little on your nose and add some lipgloss.
4, And then finally, put on some eyeliner (u only put on a thin one becouse I have pretty "long" eyes, so if I put on a thick line the eyes will apear smaller than they are and we dont want that! Then add some mascara and done. Thats how I do it. Takes about like 5 minutes.

Postat av: sofia

tack så mycket! ska försöka hitta det:)

2010-09-23 @ 15:56:20
URL: http://sofiajahnkes.blogg.se/
Postat av: ROBIN HOOD - gratis designhjälp


Vad tycker bloggvärlden om piercingar? Och vad tycker du?

Är det snyggt att ha piercingar eller är det fult?

tyck till, nu vill jag höra folks åsikter!

2010-09-23 @ 19:19:07
URL: http://robinhoods.se
Postat av: V e v v e A n d e r s s o n ♥

Haft en bra torsdag? =D

2010-09-23 @ 22:03:11
URL: http://vevvz.blogg.se/

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