Im tired as hell today!!
I helped my brother and his gf move to a new aparment, i didnt belive I could carry that stuff that I did but woho!
I was a bit stronger after all!
(and belive me im as weak as I can be hehe, who needs streangth to flash with when you can show off your stats on xbox live =D )
Well that took about 6 hours, but they had already been moving since 4 hours before that!
ah well, I got home, started cooking my food, jumped in a shower til it was done and than I ate watching some anime. Or should I say re-watched.... Cant find anything I havent seen... -_-
Ah well Im going to fix some laundry (as tired as I am I will just probably move em to the couch until tomorrow XD)
Well after that going to bed.


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