Aaaaand we´re back!!

Today the blog starts up again!
(Kidding with the yay part but fun eitherway)
There is going to be some changes to the blog!
Not HUGE changes but positive changes,
the first big change is that the blog is not only going to be written by me but now my co-writer "Goldylocks"
She is a gamer and a mom so she is going to take som topics for herself, but we both going to rite about games and such.
So the header is going to be switched. plus the email where you guys can reach us and she is going to be writing her own interduction so you guys will get to know her.
Other than that the blog will continue as it was before but it is going to be better!
SO hopefully you´ll like it!
(Even if you dont we dont really care so just stop reading in that case ;3 )
XOXO Miss WeWe


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