Time to sleep

Goldy and I was playing a little while ago and of course it was left 4 dead as we usually do when we get together and play.
We were going to play blazeblu but nah...
We watched some tv becouse we werent in top notch today, tired and just not much energy that showed in our gaming strategy (not that we suck but we dont play as fast as we usually do).
So now im going to hit the sack and sleep.
Slept for like three ours last night so I need to sleep in.
Type something good tomorrow.
// Miss WeWe

Postat av: Dixi Wonderland

Hej, jag undrar om du skulle vara intresserad av att köpa denna väskan av mig?


Om du är intresserad så maila mig på dixiwonderland@live.se


2011-11-15 @ 17:18:04
URL: http://dixiwonderland.com/

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